Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Perverted Phone Call

When it comes to my blog I like to be happy, upbeat, and positive. Working in the Lingerie Department there's always crazy things happening, that's to expect when your working in a department like that. Last night's experience made me realize that we live in an evil, sick, and perverted world. I'm posting this story because that is how I can bring closure and I want you to answer the question as to what would you do in this situation? How would you have handled it? This is the phone conversation I had last night, I've edited some of the content due to inappropriateness.


Me: "Lingerie, this is Courtney, how can I help you?"
Perverted Man: "Hello, Courtney, how are you doing tonight?"
Me: "Good, how are you doing?"
Perverted Man: "I'm doing ok."
Me: "So how I can help you?"
Perverted Man: "Well, I'm really lonely and I wanted to talk to someone." I could hear noises going on in the background.
Me: "Ok, so what I can do for you?" Asking in an irritated voice because I have 10 things going on!
Perverted Man: "Can you hear that sound in the background?"
Me: Asking in a very irritated voice, "What is that?"
Perverted Man: "Why don't you come over tonight and have e****** with me?"
Me: In a upset and sickened way I said, "I'm not interested!"

After I told him that I was not interested, he hung up the phone. I remember him asking me that infamous question and being so shocked and not knowing what to say. I wish I would have called him a bad name and then hung up. A part of me wished I would have played along so I could have gotten his phone number and address so I could submit it to police. As soon as this phone conversation was over I called the operator to page the Nordstrom Security. I told the operator what happened and she told me that he was trying to have a long conversation with her, so he asked if he could be transferred to the Lingerie Department. After talking to the Nordy Security they told me that this happens a lot to the Nordstrom up in Murray.

This experience was definitely not the highlight of my week. I felt violated, hit on, preyed upon, and I felt sick after. If I wasn't a married woman I think I would have been more scarred. But what a sick freak that would call the lingerie department to get his jollies! That is why there is online porn and those special hot lines to call. After work I felt scared walking to my car alone and even walking to my apartment alone. This is the part that makes me so upset about it is that I was violated at work, I felt uncomfortable, scared, and had my guard up the rest of the night. So what would have you done in that situation?


Jessica & Tyler said...

Sick!! I am sorry that happened court!! I probably would've said you're disgusting and hung up on him! There are some freaking crazy people in this world!

Christina and Ryan said...

I probably would have said something sarcastic like "are you going to pay me?" to see what his reaction would be bc he probably wouldn't be expecting it. But seriously that's gross. Hopefully his sickness ended there and he won't molest any kids.
Ryan's sister was at Kiwanis Park a couple of months ago and she saw a guy with no shirt and binoculars standing a few feet away from his VAN watching the kids in the playground. Once the kids went inside he left. She called the police on him. There are a lot of sickos out there!

Jocelyn said...

I probably would have sworn at him and hung up and then wished that I was smart enough to get his address. But hey, you did great. That is sick. What is great is when some guy calls your cell on a wrong number and then tries hitting on you.

It happened when Rob and I were dating and I just started having my phone forward to his cell so he would pick up.

Lindsay said...

Court! That is nasty! I am amazed you actually stayed on the phone. I would have just hung up hoping he would not call back! Sorry that happened. miss you

mare said...

oh my this is a horrible story! Good job at trying to track him down- he needs serious help. glad you're safe and nothing happened.