Monday, August 25, 2008

Ode to Jessica

My one my oldest and dearest friends got married this weekend. I felt honored and lucky to witness the ceremony which took place in the Salt Lake Temple. Jessica and I have a long past. We met in a very unfortunate way in the 1st grade.

It was my 5th Birthday and for show n' tell I brought this stuffed kittie that made purring sounds when you squeeze it's tummy. I was so excited about showing it to everyone and I loved that cat. It was recess and I put it in my cubby hole so it wouldn't get dirty. When I got back from a rambunctious recess I went to my cubby hole and it was gone! I was ballistic and started to cry. I remember my teacher had to call my mom to tell her what happened. I remember feeling so sad that my cat was gone! That next day I went to school and this girl Jessica who was in my class came up to me with my teacher. My teacher told me that Jessica was jealous of my cat when I showed it during show n' tell and so she took it out of my cubby hole during recess. Jessica said that she was sorry, and we went out to recess and played. We've been very good friends every since then. We often talk about how we met and how Jessica stole my cat. We laugh every time. I love you Jessica. Thanks for being such a good friend and always being there for me when I needed a friend.

Jessica and I in 2007.

I've had some very memorable moments with Jessica. I remember the sleepovers, playing Nintendo, collecting beanie babies together, visiting her old Aunt Beck who had a very strong tongue, petting the farm animals in her backyard, and being random and crazy.

The bridal shower I threw for Jessica.

Me, Taylor, Dana, Katie, and Lauren. These are the girls I hung out in high school.

Old high school friends, were waiting for the bride and groom to come out! I haven't seen these three boys since high school. It was so cool waiting in the marriage waiting room in the temple and see these three friends walk in. It was fun catching up with them.

Her cake

One of her bridal pictures.

Jessica and I

Jessica and Tyler when they came out of the Temple

Jessica and her family.

It was a sweet moment to see these two good people be sealed for all time and eternity. Jessica and Tyler met in high school. Tyler grew up with us. We went to Jr. High and High School with him. He's actually in our stake. They dated for a year and a half in High School, Tyler left on his mission, they were reunited two years later, and got married. They got a little apartment in the Avenues and will be going to school at the U. Good luck you two!


Nolan and Jani said...

Hey court! way cute blog! Yea we were so funny in bearlake..luckily you were in the NCC club (no children club) Guess what? mckay's radio is in our car!

Scott and Andrea said...

Ben's last name was maybe joslyn but I honestly don't remember for sure. And it's driving me nuts that I can't remember Kim's. If I think of it I'll let ya know.

The Rasmussens said...

Awe court you are so cute!! You're such a good friend!! Crazy to think we've been friends for 15 years!! Thanks for sticking by me with everything and always being there for me! I couldn't ask for a better friend! I love you!