Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I've been doing lately?

Scanning McKay's mission pictures to make them digital

Watched Phantom of the Opera have been singing ever since. Can't believe Christine chose safe vs sexy and mysterious?

Making a list of fun things to do for Christmas

Helping, motivating, and organizing McKay and his journey through graduate school applications

Listening to my favorite Christmas album

Saw Twilight, and was too embarrassed to look at Jacobs rippling abs

That's all folks.

Bump Its

Today, a really funny thing happened. We had a lady from my ward give the lesson in Primary today. I teach Sumbeams. Anyway, this little girl who lives right next to me raised her hand and asked the lady, "Sister Linda, are you wearing a Bump Its in your hair?" It was so funny because how can a 5 year old girl know what a Bump Its is? Sister Linda's hair is pretty poofy, but Sister Linda took it gracefully. The funny things kids say.