Monday, October 27, 2008

Ancient Food Storage

Whenever McKay goes over to his sweet Grandma and Grandpa Killpack's house they always give us some of their food storage, because they have an over abundance of it. This time McKay brought these home:

If you don't notice it's a Jello pudding mix and a Betty Crocker cake mix from 1974 (I looked on the package date). His Grandparents have so much food storage that they could survive for a hundred years. I don't know what to do with them. McKay's Grandma gave us 10 boxes of the Jello pudding mix. I'm afraid to use them and have them taste weird. I checked the box for bugs, but I didn't see any holes in the packages. If anyone asks for me to bring dessert, you better watch out because I just might use the 34 year old pudding and cake mixes!

Early Vote

Last week, I decided that I would early vote because I didn't want to wait in line for 3 hours. At UVU there's a early voting center, it's in the Student Center. It was awesome, I got in line, five minutes later I voted. Bring your ID and your good to go. Go vote, it's important!
It's 2:44 a.m. For some lame reason I can't fall asleep. So instead of laying in bed trying to fall asleep and being jealous of McKay who is softly and soundly asleep, I decided I'd catch up on reading friends blogs, posting this, and finishing some homework.

Friday night, I decided that I'd make some more Indian food for dinner. Thanks to my good friend Christina, she provided a Chicken Tikka Marsala recipe on her blog. I decided to try it out. I was all ready and excited to make this complicated dish that called for 10 different spices. I was cutting up a jalapeno and for some reason I never learned that when you cut one you wear gloves. About 15 minutes later I start to feel this weird burning sensation on my hands, fingers, and face. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to all of the spices! I wasn't able to enjoy my food due to the pain I was enduring at the time. Our dinner was so spicy that we were sweating.

Saturday night was our ward's Halloween/Chili Cook Off activity. McKay and I are the chair people of the Activity Commitee. I was so excited to dress up, that's all I cared about. I was also happy that McKay dressed up because he's not into that childness like I am. There were some dramatic things that happened while setting up, but other than that everything went real smooth.

McKay, me, Megano (gypsy or Esmeralda), Chad (Shrek)

Megano and I

"My baby is incarcerated!"- Amy Winehouse

A close up of the glory


Probably the funniest thing of the entire night was when the four of us went to BYU's Creamery. Provoians are not use to people who looked like I did that night or who are green. While waiting in line I never had so many people stare and wonder whether or not my tats were real, or if I was hiding something in my hair. After eating ice cream Megano and Chad came over to our lil apartment and we decided to watch one of those lame 70's scary movies. We ended up watching this movie called, SQUIRM! It was about these worms that get electrocuted and come alive and attack and eat people. We wanted to feel the spirit for church the next morning. Even though it was pretty lame, it was fun because we made up some of the dialogue to make it more entertaining.

P.S my hands and fingers were still hurting.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Book Report

These past six weeks I've been reading The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, by Dr. Laura. I need to mention how I started reading this book. Well, I don't like admitting this, I know I'm human and I'm definitely not perfect. McKay and I were going through rough times in our marriage over the past couple of months. I know, it's shocking! You don't hear stuff like this normally, but I'm not the ordinary. Anyway, feeling like my marriage and life sucked and that everyone around me had a perfect marriage, I then had a divine intervention from an unexpected person, my husband.

My husband came home one day and said, "I want you to read this book." I looked at him and said, "What kind of a book is it?" He tells me that he listens to Dr. Laura on the radio when he's at work. He says, "Dr. Laura understands men and how they work. I want you to read this book, I think it would help you to better understand me and I think it could help our marriage." At first I was mad. I was like what the heck? I'm not the main problem here, he's at fault too. A couple days later the book arrived in the mail. McKay handed it to me and said, "Please, will you read this?" I took the book and said in a not so exciting tone, "sure." Yesterday, I finally finished it!

Well, my analysis of the book is: I've never had a book make such a big impact on my life and in my relationship (well except the Book Of Mormon). Over the past weeks I've been implementing what Dr. Laura says will help and improve a marriage, and I can honestly say that it's worked. I thought that it would only work for about a month, but no, it's different this time. I'd recommend this book for any married, single, or dating woman. I challenge you to read it, you might laugh, cry, and realize how lucky we are as woman to have such great men in our lives that love, cherish, and would do anything for us.

“give him direct communication, respect, appreciation, food, and good lovin’, and he’ll do just about anything you wish–foolish or not.”-Dr. Laura

Thanks Dr. Laura, even though you are a biotch sometimes, you kick butt!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good-Bye Sista

My older sister Melanie is moving to California. :( This makes me really sad because we've lived in the same town more than two years. We also worked at the same place for that long too, and it was always so fun going downstairs and bugging her. Melanie is moving to Cali to be closer to her boyfriend, Andrew, in which there's a very good chance of them getting engaged! I'm so happy and excited for her, but I know that she'll be down there for a long time. Andrew is going to medical school down there and has about seven more years, I think. But, this will be a future of fun visits to California. I heart you sista. I'm not excited to help move all of your crap down there, (that's poopy work) but maybe in return I can keep some of your stuff that won't fit into that XL U-Haul. JK. My younger sister Caitlin is going to be sad because she won't be able to borrow any of Melanie's fabulous clothes, accessories, jewelry, beauty products and shoes.

I'll never forget the times we went cruising on her scooter, ate at that hot dog place on BYU and treated ourselves to Yoasis. Or the times I would come over to help you clean up your room. Or the time McKay and I made that nasty pasta dinner for Andrew and you. Yuck.

Here are some pictures of us and the good times.

Being hot stuff at the New Years Eve Mocktail party!

Our group picture at the ugly Christmas sweater party

At Grandma's 3rd wedding

Melvin on the cruise!

Always a fan of Yoasis!

Cruising Lover's Beach

My Family

Here is one of our photos from our family photo shoot. Why didn't I get the red hair! :(

Friday, October 17, 2008

Etsy, Etsy, Oh Etsy

I like to think about Christmas a couple of months in advance. This year I've been trying to get inspiration as to what I want for Christmas, and what I want to get other people. Here are some rad gift ideas I found Etsy, the coolest website on earth.

This is an awesome mermaid business card or metal card wallet. So vintage.

Cool green bird bobby pins

Pretty woman brooch
This is such a random pin to put on your sweater or jacket. I heart this.

These are too cool for the winter

This is my favorite thing. I want that hat. It looks so 20's chic. McKay, darling, I've been an angel all year.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This week

This weekend was pretty sad, due to the sudden death of our kitty Marley. I'm at the point now where whenever I look at his picture I placed on my phone's wallpaper, I don't cry anymore. This means I'm feeling better.

McKay had a hard week this last week. I knew just what to do. I thought I'd made some home-made Indian food! McKay and I LOVE Indian food. I wasn't expecting to spend $40 dollars in spices. Our spice cabinet smells like exotic India in there. I made Chicken Korma, garlic naan, and green beans (random veggie). Everything turned out good, my favorite was the garlic naans. Next time I try an Indian entree dish, I'm going to use non-fat yogurt.

I went over to my in-laws and I saw this. My sister in-law and her boyfriend Nick were hanging out. Nick was wearing his Ute gear, and Kim, my father in-law was so upset that he grabbed his Cougar gear and look, they're not fighting.

This is a picture of my Auntie Caroline, cousin giving my Grandpa an alligator clap for his 90th Birthday! On Sunday, McKay and I, my family, and extended family went over to my Aunt's house in Mapleton to celebrate Grandpa's Birthday! Grandpa you rock! He's healthy as a horse and has the best sense of humor. In a couple weeks my Grandma will be turning 89. I'm so lucky to have both Grandparents alive still. I heart them so much.

Grandma and Grandpa Craig

My Auntie Caroline thought we'd spice things up and have crab for dinner. What a way to achieve that. It was my first time trying real hardcore crab. It was good, sweet, and different. I'll definetly have to try it again in the future.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why I love Halloween

Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies

Pumpkin shakes at Arctic Circle

Fun pumpkin decorating ideas

Saturday, October 11, 2008

In Loving Memory

Yesterday morning I got some very sad news. Friday night, my parents noticed that our cat Marley was acting strange. He couldn't climb up the stairs and he was having a hard time breathing. They'd never seen him act that way before and were worried. Early this morning they took Marley to the vet to see what was wrong with him. After doing some tests they found out that the reason why he was having such a hard time breathing was because his body was filled with fluid, and that fluid was pressing against his lungs, making it so he couldn't breathe. The doctor told my parents that it could be congestive heart failure, and that they could drain the fluid so Marley could breathe. This morning I woke up early because I was planning on going to two baby showers. My Mom calls me telling what's going on with Marley, and tells me that my dad and her don't know what to do, because draining the fluid would cost them $1,000 to do the procedure and there was no guarantee that it would work. He could either die during the procedure or that wouldn't fix the main problem.. They hooked Marley onto an IV and put him in an oxygen tent so he could breathe easier while my family talked to each of us kids about what they should do.

You can see his pink IV

This is his x-ray

During this time I was attending two baby showers and was having hard trying to act happy during this. When I got out of one of them, I got a text from my Mom saying, "Marley is ok now, we just left the Vet, we're going home to bury him." I called my Mom in tears asking how what happened, she told me that my sister Caitlin and my little brother Cameron were able to come and say goodbye to Marley before they put him to sleep. Caitlin later told me that when she walked in the vet everyone was crying, my Mom, Dad, and Cameron. They decided that they didn't want Marley to suffer anymore because at this time he wasn't able to move, that putting him to sleep was the best way to let him go.

Caitlin and Cameron crying

Caitlin and Cameron crying some more

This whole day I've felt like crap, that a piece of me is gone, and I've been crying all day. I know a lot of people will say, come on it's a cat! That's the thing, it's not. Marley was a part of our family. I grew up with him. For 11 years he was there catching and eating birds, sneaking on the top of the fridge to get into the cat nip, playing his friend Stu (another tabby that lived across the street), having him sleep on my chest while I was trying to sleep, and how he would always comb through my hair with his claws when I was lying in bed, and I 'll never forget when Melanie took that infamous picture of him in a pink nighty she got at Target. I was able to see Marley when Mckay and I went up to Centerville during Conference weekend. I was able to hang out with him for a while.

I remember the day we got him. We were up at this animal hospital because our former cat Pinky, had skin cancer and we had to put him to sleep. While the doctors were doing this, we went and looked at the cats and dogs that were available to adopt. That's when we saw Marley. He was this cute small tabby with this kinked tail at the tip. On New Year's Eve on 1996 we brought Marley home. When we got Marley we were reading A Christmas Carol, and Marley the ghost is who we named him after.

After the vet put down Marley, they wrapped him in a box and my little brother Cameron made him this tombstone. I love it how he mispelled his name.

My family burried Marley next to Pinky on top of the hill above our backyard. Look how sad my little brother looks. Marley was Cameron's bed mate, everynight without fail he would sleep on the foot of his bunk bead. My brother is having the hardest time out of all of us.

Rest in peace Marley

This might sound way cheesy, but I do believe that we'll see our pets again. The things that we loved and cherished here on earth we'll be reunited with them again. I heart you Marley. We'll miss you so very much!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Conference Weekend

I know this is almost a week late, but I had a delay in these fabulous pictures that I must post! Our Conference Weekend was really fun. We went up to Centerville, to visit my family! We slept over, we ate my moms famous egg omelet and that great bread she buys from Costco. My mother decided that this weekend would be perfect to take family pictures, because everyone would be home. Conference was really good this time around. I was actually was able to watch most of it. This is one of the reasons I don't like working in retail, you have to work every Saturday! After the first session we drove up to Mueller Park, up Bountiful Canyon, and took our fabulous family photos. McKay and I got some single shots of us.

McKay is too sexy for his collard shirt

Grandma, Mitt, and Austin

For dinner we went over to my Grandma's house. My Grandma, she got remarried about a year ago, they just bought this home in Farmington right on the golf course! You have to be careful when you go outside because you might get hit in the head with a flying golf ball. Anyway, my Grandma made a delicious dinner and it was so much fun to have family and my cousins there.

McKayla, Caitlin, Melanie, Jessica, her man friend, Mommy, and Dad

I'm so excited because McKay finally decided what he wanted to be for Halloween! NACHO! It's funny if you look closely you can see him watching the movie on the TV. He loves Nacho. I hope he wears his stretchy pants with it. We got this mask when we were down in Mexico. It's 100% authentic.

I like Nacho too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pet Peeve

There is this girl that is in one of my classes. She's way nice and fun, but she does something that bugs the crapola out of me. She's super cool because she rides her bike to school. She comes into class, parks her bike by her seat and sits down. Everytime she gets off her bike, leans it against the wall, and sits down, I can see her entire back. Talk about muffin top! She wears garments, but there so low, you can always see her butt crack and about 8 inches of her back. I don't like being prudish, but this is ridiculous! I feel bad for the poor boy that sits behind her, he's probably trying not to think dirty thoughts about her. Considering myself a "classy" lady, I always try to not have my butt or back show. I like to wear high waisted anything, so that takes care of that. Also, another thing. McKay and I were on our way to a baby blessing a week ago for my cousin. We had some couples leave our apartment to walk to the family ward. This poor girl walks through the parking lot, the entire time I can see her garments hanging out the back of her dress. I was so tempted to roll down the window and say, "Excuse me, you don't know me, but I can see you're holy bottoms." I see this way too often, and I know it's not intentionally, but I just think it's tacky.
You stay classy Provo!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm going private

I've had some weird people post comments on my blog. If you'd like to continue to see my blog, send me your e-mail address and I'll add you to it. I'm sorry to all of you weird people, no more for you!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I don't like to brag about things, but this one is definitely worth mentioning. Yesterday we found out that McKay got a scholarship! The crazy thing is that we was rewarded a pell grant, a smart grant, and because of his good grades he got another scholarship. I find it funny when people write about how that they're "so blessed." It reminds me of the Serioulsy So Blessed blog. Contrary to what I just said, I do feel so seriously blessed. Being a poor college student has its ups and downs. But also I feel so grateful and proud that McKay and I have been independent and haven't depended on our parents. This money will help us out so much. We hope we can use it to go to Costa Rica, that's where Mckay served his mission. It's one of my dreams to go there. I heart you McKayla!