Sunday, March 29, 2009

Holi the Festival of Colors

To make my Birthday complete McKay and I went to the yearly Holi Festival of Colors at the Krishna Temple is Spanish Fork. I went there last year and got caught in the middle of the crowd and almost suffocated and got lost. This year we thought we'd come prepared. We brought masks, water, sunscreen, camera, chapstick, and sunglasses. It took us almost two hours to get there due to the traffic, but once we did, the aroma of fragranced chalk, animals, and thousands of people made us really glad we made the trip.

Some green God

The crowd is going crazy!

The Holi Temple

Me, Liz, and Katie (Erin & Megano are missing)

My teeth have never looked so white due to this stark contrast

McKayla and I

On our two hour trip down to festivalness.

The best Indian Restaurant, even though it took us 2 1/2 hours to get our food and to get our check!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday and Job Update

So it was my 22nd Birthday yesterday. It was a day full of school, work, and meetings. Not the most picture perfect birthday but I was surprised that morning. I was taking a shower getting ready in the morning and McKay all of a sudden opens the shower curtain, I'm scared to death and there he is with a bouquet of flowers. I was so surprised because the last time I got flowers and was surprised like has been quite a while. McKay made me a really good Indian dinner and we went running.

So, last Friday I had a 4 1/2 hour interview with Utah Valley Radiology Associates. This was my third interview and it's down to me and another candidate for the position. I learned that over 80 applicants applied for this position, and to be the final two is a honor, but I still want to be the one. I met all of the doctors who I would be working with and traveled to 5 different places. I learned what the job entailed and if I get this job, which I hope, pray and fast that I do, I'll be learning what doctors learn in medical school. I'm going to learn how MRI's work and how to read them. I was pretty blown away by that. But I'm up to a challenge. A good thing was that when I met with the Dr.'s a lot of them knew the Killpack family and spoke highly of them, which made me really happy. Also, a lot of the Dr.'s had connections to family and friends from Bountiful, so that another thing we could connect. I felt really good about the interviewing part and that conversation was flowing freely. They told me that they're looking for 90% personality and they told me that they love my personality. I remembered that a good family friend got some stuff done at one of their facilities and so I called him to ask about his experience. He told me that he became good friends with the Dr and Manager at the facility that he did some of their marketing. He told me that he would call them to give me a good reference. With all of that combined I feel pretty confident about everything. I've had job interviews where I didn't feel too good about the interview and I got the job but other times I felt I did well and didn't get the job. I will hear back from them in a week. When I find out it's going to be happy or sad. But I know that no matter what happens that if its meant to be it will be meant to be.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Salt Water Sandals Past Time

At church I saw a girl in my ward wearing these and it brought back so many memories of me wearing these growing up. I would always get them in white (I don't know why) and wear them every summer. It makes me want to get them.

Aida & Centerville

This last weekend we went up to my parents house because my little sister Caitlin was in the high school musical of Aida. It was fun being up there and playing with Molly and Maisie.

McKay and I at the Musical

My sister Caitlin, me, and Mom

Maisie and Molly fighting

They just got home from the groomer, I heart their bows

The most dear dog, Maisie

McKay having so much fun with them. Molly is the neurotic one, she's on the right

Feeding the Ducks

Last Sunday because it was Stake Conference and we church at 10 instead of 2:30, we decided that we would go and feed the ducks at Rape Hill. McKay and I call this little pond area at BYU Rape Hill is because whenever we go there all of the male ducks are trying to mate with the female ducks, and we feel bad for them because the male ducks aren't so nice. We drove our motorcycle there because it was so nice and warm. It was a sad sight, we saw two dead turtles floating in the pond.

Katie and Taylor

The only surviving turtle

Some of the non raping ducks

Feeding the ducks Cheerios

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Job Interview

Life these days haven't been kind of boring. I feel like McKay and I don't do much and every night we sit in front of our beautiful TV and watch Nova on PBS.

Our lives are pretty lame, but I did get some good news. Because I'm graduating this semester, I've been applying for careers. I applied for a Marketing Representative job at Utah Valley Radiology Associates. It's a company based here in Orem. Doctors and hospitals along the Wasatch front refer their patients to this facility where they specialize in radiology. The job entails wining and dining doctors and making sure I keep good relations with them. I thought to myself, this is my job! I can do this! I would be so good doing this! So I heard back from the company where they scheduled another interview with me a week from Monday. This time, I'll be interacting with a group of doctors. Honestly, I feel kind of intimidated. I know nothing about the medical field. But I'm wanting to buy a new pair of shoes to make myself feel better and to have more confidence. There's no better feeling than a new pair of cute shoes. This week I'm planning on doing a lot of praying, fasting, and going to the temple, pleading that I get this job. Wish me well!