Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oregon Coast and Wedding

Us at Proposal Rock

The view on top of Proposal Rock

Another view on top of Proposal Rock

On top of Proposal Rock again.

Isn't this so beautiful?!

The friendly cows at the Tilamook Cheese Factory

Aunt Nancy and Mom

Me and Cousin Hannah

The best cheese in the world!

On the tide pools in Pacific City

Taking in the breeze

Pretty purple flowers

On top of the sand dune

The biggest sand dune on a beach I've ever seen.

This at this freakin awesome coral necklace I found a flea market next to the beach. It was $75 and now I'm feeling regrets!

Look at this beautiful plant growing at my Aunt & Uncle's house.

My Cousin Tara's Wedding

The newly married couple

Visiting my 97 year old Great Grandpa. He fell off a rock wall in his back yard and broke his back. That is why he's in the brace. He has more energy then I do. He's an amazing man, I feel privileged to be his great grand daughter.

Visiting my 92 year old Great Grandma Cornilles. My Mom, Auntie Nancy, and Grandpa Fred.

My 97 year old Great Grandpa's backyard. It's on the 4th hole of this golf course. I wish I could chill our here all day.

Brother and Sister
Multnomah Falls. This is on the way to Portland, and after a 10 1/2 hour drive it was so nice to get out and stretch my feet.
Visiting Oregon was worth the 12 hour drive. I can't wait to visit it again soon. I love the smell in the air, the abundant forests everywhere you look, all the green you see, and the fond memories I had going to the beach and picking up shells and running from the waves. I'm sorry you couldn't come McKay, you would have loved it. School is lame, but don't worry you only have one more year left!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hobble Creek Camping

We spent the weekend with some of our good friends by camping up Hobble Creek Canyon. We used Erin's parents cabin lot and McKay's parents vintage camper trailer and had a good time. Thanks to our parents. I was kind of hesitant because of the recent news that a bear had been harassing campers in Hobble Creek and bears are my worst fears. I'm proud to say that the only bear I heard was Chad snoring. Chad and Megan are moving to the Cayman Islands in a month because he got a job and wanted to get as much of them as we can.

The beautiful view from the trailer

I love the brown and orange plaid theme inside

July 4th

On the 4th of July people go to parade's, carnivals, and go boating. But this year we tried to keep it simple and lazy. We slept in until 11:30, watched a Robert Redford flick, hung out and finally at around 5 p.m. we took a motorcycle ride up Provo Canyon where I got dust in my face and found a new friend who has tons of legs. Afterwards we had a BBQ at Grandma and Grandpa Killpack with all of the other Killpack's and enjoyed the very short fireworks display.

This is how McKay felt about the Stadium of Fire fireworks we watched

Farewell to Liz & Bryant

Our good friends the Zollingers moved to Minnesota a week ago because Bryant got accepted to Dental School. To say our good byes and to have our final rendezvous we eat at famous Chuck-A-Rama and pulled off an all nighter. How exciting.

We are so crazy!

Thanks Chuck-A-Rama waiter for taking this picture

This is by far the most ugly pictures of the both of us, but how funny is it that we have the same colored nightgown. Just like Ann of Green Gables says, "We're kindred spirits."

Bowling for MJ

One night McKay and I and my cousin Erin and her Fiancee Tanner decided that we would go bowling at BYU Bowling Alley. That day Michael Jackson died and I guess to celebrate his interesting life they played his music while we bowled. IT was fun, we danced, laughed, and scored a big game.

Mel's Wedding

June 19th was my sister Melanie's wedding. She married her love Andrew. The wedding, Reception and Ceremony were beautiful. There was a lot of rain and wind and short moments and sunshine, but I don't think Melanie would have changed anything. Here are some pictures of this momentous day.
My little sister Caitlin and I were her bridesmaids

Mel and I

Her Magleby's wedding cake

At the wedding dinner

Mom warning everyone that their coming out!

Bride and Mother of the Bride

Playing the Newlywed Game with the parents

Here's to the newly married couple


McKay is GQ

Me being sassy

The tent where the wedding dinner and reception took place

Nordy friends

Leaving for forever :(