Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bear Lake with the Killpack's

McKay and I went with his family to Bear Lake this weekend. This time we stayed in this way charming cottage and did some serious boating.

Getting ready to leave!

This is the view of the front of the cottage we stayed in. It had a wrap around deck with picturesque views.

We were greeted by this friendly bear. Encountering a bear is probably one of my greatest fears. On the way home my father in-law Kim got this book about crazy and freaky bear attacks. He got it so he could be prepared before he went to Alaska. We read them on the way home. I've never heard such gruesome stuff in my life!

We just arrived at the cottage!

McKay and I stayed in the fish themed room! I felt like we were dating in college again due to the twin beds.

This was the tub in the bathroom, I loved it so much. It's the kind of tub I want in my future home, so charming!

McKay being weird and pretending to punch the camera.

Me and Sierra!

Jon, Nick, and McKay being crazy on the tube, they were jumping over each other!

There they go again!

We spent some more time on the beach. We decided to do a sand castle contest, this started out as a castle, and then Ann (my mother in-law) and I created this zen garden.

The boys created what they liked to call "Hell," there were a lot of shells in the sand, so they used those to make their castle of doom. They said that the shells represent skulls and all of the dead people they used to create this place of darkness.

Me, Katie, and Sierra on the water weenie, I was being extra daring.

We made Sierra and Katie into mermaids on the beach. Too bad, Katie on the right looks like an amputee (no fins) mermaid.

Seriously every night we went into town and got raspberry shakes. There were really good, but I'm shaked out for a while.

There was this cozy wagon that was at the shake place, so we thought we wait in it for our shakes.

On the way home we went on a hike to Bloomington Lake, it was so beautiful there. McKay looks so good.

A view from the trail.

This is my sister in-law Emily and her cute boyfriend Nick.

Another picture of McKay and I.

In the end the trip was a blast. Probably the most memorable moment was when we were on the boat when the three crazy boys were on the tube. The tube went under the water and I guess from the weight from the three of them and the water the tow/haul bar on the back of the boat ripped off from the back of the boat! Those boys need to lose weight! It was really funny, but kind of a bummer because after that no more water toys! :(


Scott and Andrea said...

I worked at DownEast till the end of July of 07, then I had wedding plans and a honeymoon to go on, after which we moved to Spokane where Scott just graduated with his MBA. I worked for a bank up here but HATED it. Being a teller is by far the hardest, most stressful job I've ever had. I was at a way busy branch though. I quit before we went to Mexico cause I couldn't take it anymore, so now Scott and I are both looking for other jobs. This is turning into quite a comment! Are you guys planning on staying in Provo for a while? What part of Mexico did you go to?

Scott and Andrea said...

I just noticed that you put our last name as Hambone! I'm laughing so hard right now, I guess our blog doesn't clarify that. It is actually Hamlin, but everyone called Scott Hambone in high school. Too funny.

Cay said...

It looks like you and McKay had a blast with his family up at Bear Lake. You look so beautiful in all of those pictures and I love the one of both of you at the beginning of the blog. You've both have had a great summer of fun weekends and outing/vacations. You've been blessed. Now it's back to the real world so buckle down and getter done!!! Love Mom

Scott and Andrea said...

Lindsay said...

Cute pictures! I miss you