Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Additions to the Family

For the past three months McKay and I haven't had any dinning room chairs. Four out of three dinning room chairs have broken. I reupholstered the chairs about a year ago and liked my pick in an exotic bird print. Well, I guess I didn't screw in the screws well enough, so the metal hinges all broke off. We haven't had friends over and we definitely haven't been able to eat off our table for some time now. We decided on Saturday to get some chairs. After looking around on KSL Classified, I wasn't able to find any cute, eclectic, vintage looking chairs. McKay didn't like the idea I had of getting different looking chairs and painting them. So we spent an afternoon at IKEA and bought four, four legged friends. Now we can finally play Texas Hold Em.

The Mystery of the Missing Mentholatum

Every morning and night I swipe a daub of Mentholatum on my lips to keep them from peeling off during the winter. I call it a curse, but McKay likes to call his very good sense of smell a special power. For an example, I could be in our bathroom rubbing Mentholatum on my lips while McKay is in the bedroom, about ten seconds later I can hear him complaining how bad that crap I put on my lips smells. McKay likes to call my Mentholatum, "McKay Repellent." One night he got so sick and tired of the smell he threatened to take my jar of Mentholatum and hide it so I couldn't use it anymore. I thought McKay was being ridiculous.
One night right before I was to fall into a deep slumber, I realized that my jar of Mentholatum wasn't on my bedside table. I looked around and found it in the back of my drawer of my dresser. I thought, "Why in the heck would it be there?" I found out that McKay hid it from me. A couple days later I'm walking inside our apartment, I could see that our blinds weren't drawn. In the corner of the window seal I see my jar of Mentholatum sitting there. I thought why is it there? Then I remembered that McKay has had this goal of trying to get rid of "McKay Repellent." Tonight as I got in bed I accidentally found the Mentholatum underneath our covers. I told him that he'll never be able to get rid of my favorite thing of swiping good ole Mentholatum to keep my lips soft and supple.

Raquetball, Ice Fishing, and New Sunbeam Class

I started my Racquetball classes at the Rec Center. I've learned some great techniques that will help improve my playing skills. I even met a very nice lady in my class who's 4o years old and has 11 kids who wants to schedule play dates with me. I had class tonight and she kicked my butt. I have a lot to learn still, but I hope to be able to join the Racquetball League in a few months.

This last weekend we went ice fishing with my cousins up Deer Creek. Of course, I didn't catch any fish, McKay caught a nice supply of them.

This is a pretty view from the shore.
This is my new Sunbeam class. Aren't they so cute?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

EE EE Dance

McKay called me the other day from school and told me that there's a dance this weekend he wants to attend. It's called the EE EE Dance. I think this dance is genius. The dance invites the Electrical Engineering students and the Elementary Education students. The reason why they invite these two departments is because most of the Electrical Engineering students are nerdy males. A lot of the Elementary Education students are cute females. I thought this dance is so funny. McKay sent me a photo text on my phone showing the poster advertising the dance and has a picture of a nerdy guy and a cute girl on it. I'll have to take pictures and tell you about it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I had a unfortunate event that has happened to me. A few months ago my permanent retainer broke off the bottom row of my teeth. I saved the retainer and went to my dentist here in Orem so he could reattach it to my teeth. Well, he thought it would be better if he created his own retainer and stuck that to my teeth. Over the past couple of months my teeth have been hurting and have noticed they've been moving. I made an appointment with my orthodontist in Bountiful so he can check out to see what's going on with my teeth. First, he told me that my dentist is an idiot, and second that the retainer he put on my teeth has completely moved all of my teeth on the bottom. He told me that he's going to put me in a retainer and then if that doesn't work then, braces are going to be my best friend for the next 6-7 months. I couldn't believe this. This is one of my worst nightmares. I sometimes have dreams that I have no teeth or that they're all messed up. I wake up feeling stressed and upset. I guess this nightmare has come true. I haven't had braces since 9th grade and remembering having to wear 5 rubber bands on my teeth at a time brings back memories of unpleasantness. P.S if you live in Orem, make sure you don't go to Dr. Keith Dodge.