Friday, August 8, 2008


Growing up in Centerville, going to Lagoon was never as exciting. It was literally in my backyard. But yesterday McKay, myself, his two brothers, and their girlfriends we went to Lagoon! It was pretty fun. I have to admit that I did work at Lagoon in the Old Time Photo Shop in the Pioneer Village. It was fun to visit Lagoon and not be an employee. I haven't been there for three years! A lot has changed. I got motioned sickness when going on the Tidal Boat Ride and that old rackity White Roller Coaster. But I did love Rattlesnack Rapids and the Cliffhanger.
I didn't like this ride, it was really scary.

Yah! We're waiting in line!

Jon and his girly friend Holly

Hey look we have matching glasses, so retro!

You can't tell what the heck this picture is, so I'll help. This is us going down Rattle Snack Rapids, and were just about to get flooded out of your boat! After it looked like we all had accidents in our pants.

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