Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Weekend

Well, this weekend had some highs and lows to it. We just got called to be our ward's Activity Commitee Chair people. We've been in the Activity Committee for some time now, so when our chair people moved it was no big surprise. This weekend was our ward's camp-out. We thought it was going to turn into a disaster and we were way stressed because most of our committee couldn't come. But in the end everything turned out pretty good. Thanks to people in the ward that could sense our stress and helped us! One lesson learned, we bought way too much food. We counted about 40 people would sleep overnight and eat breakfast, only 8 people ate breakfast. So we have hash browns, eggs, and orange juice coming out of our ears.

Later that night McKay and I took a leisurely walk around BYU's campus. McKay wanted to see where his classes were located. After we were going to go play tennis after, so I wore my cute tennis skirt. I got a lot of weird looks walking around the campus from people. I'm thinking they were jealous that I look so good in it, JK!

Our church has changed times now, instead of being at 12:30, we attend church at 2:30! When it comes to winter when we get out it will be dark! That will be a way weird feeling. Now our Sunday mornings consist of sleeping in, eating a big breakfast, and getting our home and visiting teaching done.

Today, my little cousin is going to be ordained a deacon. My Uncle and Aunt are having a party at their house tonight. That should be way fun to see family again.

We have a new addition to the Craig Family

Her name is Molly and she's a Morkie. It's a Yorkshire Terrior and a Maltise mix. She's about 3 pounds and will only get to 5 pounds.

My Mother was the one that sought ofter this dog. I tell my Mom that she's a Paris Hilton now, because she wanted a dog that she could carry with her in her purse. You rock Mom! Molly is so cute, I want a pet so bad. I feel that if I get a pet first then motherhood won't be as hard.

Tomorrow is Labor Day, and I'm thinking that McKay and I are going to go play at the Scera Pool in Orem. If you haven't been there, it's so much fun. They have cool slides, cool kiddie toys to play in, and no crypto! Yah!

This isn't Scera Pool, I just thought it was a cool looking pool. I wish this is what Scera Pool looked like.


Lindsay said...

I am so glad everything went smooth. SO SORRY TO DO THAT TO YA LAST MINUTE! I am still feelin sick but hope to get over it soon. If you want to give us some extra food travs hand is raised! Have a good holiday and thanks again

Megan and Tony said...

Hey! I just found your blog and you are just so fun to read about :) Your new little dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen! So cute!!!

The Rasmussens said...

I didn't know your mom was being serious about getting a dog when she was talking about it at my bridal shower! It's so dang cute! Makes me want to get one even though I like cats TONS better!