Tuesday, September 15, 2009

America's Next Top Model Dream Fulfilled

Have you ever watched America's Next Top Model and thought to yourself, I could do so much better then those skinny biotches.  I use to think this until I moved and now we don't have that channel anymore.  Due to my short syndrome I could never be a runway model.  Having gourley thighs, I don't think the fashion industry has ever seen thighs touch on a model.  

Like the title says I was able to fulfill my dream of being America's Next Top Model.  Let me explain.....  My little sister Caitlin is on the Fashion Team for Allyse's Bridal.  If you have never heard of this place, it's a modest bridal and prom apparel store here in Utah.  I like to call them Mormon dresses.  Some of them are cute, but a lot of them are like beauty queen bedazzleness.  Anyway, Caitlin asked me if I would help her by being in their Homecoming Fashion Show  because her friends bailed out on her.  I wasn't too excited because I knew what I was getting myself into.  I had to go to a 3 hour Catwalk training.  There were 150 16 year old girls there.  I felt a little out of place especially how all of them talked how excited they were to go to their next dance.  I was excited to go home and do the dishes.  Well the fashion show went well.  I didn't fall on my face, and I remembered my steps, to smile, and to look cheesy.  

My bedazzled dress.  It kind of reminds me of the Pink Nightmare from A Christmas Story.

Poor Ralphie

My cousin Mariah 

I'm ready for Homecoming!

Caitlin walks too fast

I was so happy that McKay came to watch me.  Right before the show he was under his car fixing it.  He came grease stained, probably the last activity he would want to go to on a weekend, but he came and I love him for it!

The models

Monday, September 14, 2009

Utah State Fair

McKay, Tanner, Erin, and myself went to the Utah State Fair last Friday.  It was my first time going to this fair.  I have to admit the commercials this year publicizing the event caught my eye.  I was hoping to eat an Alligator on a stick, but was never able to find the booth. 

Yum yum.  Maybe later alligator.
Erin as a firewoman
Me as a firewoman

More alligators

The Ferris Wheel

McKay and Tanner were very disappointed with us because we paid a dollar to see the World's Smallest Woman.  They thought it was degrading.  I thought it was fun.  Poor lil woman, the man who was taking the cash was probably her pimp.  When we went around the curtain this is what we saw.....

I don't know who this guy is, I found this picture on the Internet.  But this is what the "World's Smallest Woman" looks like.  When we saw her I started to ask all of these questions.  She pointed to this sign in a tacky frame saying, "Hi I'm Lyna.  I'm from Haiti.  I don't speak any English, but I'm learning some words."  I asked if I could take a picture, but she shook her head.  McKay and Tanner didn't believe us that there was an actual person behind the curtain.  After they kept asking us questions like, is it really human?  

Tanner Wanner as a goat.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Craig San Diego Adventure

My Daddy got a new job where he's contracted with the Navy down in San Diego. This means that he lives down in San Diego Monday-Thursday and comes home every weekend back to Utah. My older sister just got married and lives down in Irvine. It made sense to go visit them both and bringing the entire family. McKay, myself, Mom, Caitlin, and Cameron flew down and stayed with my Dad in his tiny one bedroom apartment. Melanie and Andrew came down from Irvine and all 8 of us slept, ate, and played together. That first day we went to Mission Beach and went on the Flowrider. Mom fell out of her top and Melanie almost lost her bottoms while riding the Flowrider, but it was so fun to see my Dad do a barrel roll.

My Dad's apartment/our hotel

In line for the Flowrider

Andrew and McKay

The girls

The family on Mission Beach






Welcome to Mission Beach

Outside of Panini Cafe in Corona Del Mar

Random picture

BBQ and swimming


Trying to dip Caitlin

The famous V-J Day Kiss on Times Square

The Hispanic Sandman spelled my name wrong :(

Teddy Bear

Looks like crop circles

Mom and Dad chillin on the beach

From the beach

Hotel Del Coronado where the movie Some Like It Hot was filmed

Inside the Main Lobby

The beautiful chandelier

McKay on the beach on Coronado

When my Dad was dropping off us at the airport to go home, he thought McKay was in the car, but he wasn't. My Dad accidentally ran over McKay's heel. We thought it was broken, but miraculously it was only bruised.

Poor McKay, pushing McKay through the airport. He was so embarrassed.

Migrating towards our gate

Lonestar Concert

McKay was gone to Scout Camp and I was going to spend my night baking because I don't have much friends. My nice and sweet sister in-law invited me to go with her to the Lonestar Concert at the Scera Shell. I was really impressed by this group. Even though the original lead singer is no longer apart of Lonestar the new lead singer looks a lot like Keith Urban. I'll watch a Keith Urban look a-like. Here are pictures from our adventure.

We stood right next to the stage and the bass was so loud that ear wax was flying out of our ears!

So delightful

You go guitarist

Having too much fun

The main singer looked straight at me! Too bad he has short man syndrome.

Amazed baby

Our friend who sat right next to us

Saving our seat before the concert