Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

McKay, myself, my cousin Erin, and her husband Tanner took some time off and went on a little vaca, we stayed in Vegas, LA, and San Diego. This is what we did:
Went to beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego

Visited Cabrillo National Monument

Overlooked San Diego Bay

Cruised Mission Beach

Played some frisbee on Coronado Island

Went to the Jay Leno Show

Janet Jackson was the guest on the show. Sorry Janet you were kind of boring

Spent a day in Vegas

Saw this

Saturday, March 27, 2010


My pregnant cousin invited me to run with her in the Operation Smile 5K in Provo on Saturday. I think running is boring and have never had any desire to participate in a grueling activity such as this one. This was my first race and was expecting to place last. To my surprise we did pretty well. Our goal was to finish before 45 minutes, but we finished at 35 minutes! My cousin is a tough girl, I didn't see any other pregnant girls running the race. Overall, it wasn't that bad. It's defiantly more fun to run with a friend. I got a cool t-shirt that I'm proudly wearing right now. I'm already feeling sore and will need assistance from McKay to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me

Today I celebrated my birthday. So many people have wished me a happy birthday and want to say thank you to all of you who care and love me. This morning when I got to work there was a big Happy Birthday sign over my desk. I got flowers delivered to me at work from my mommy and daddy (I never get flowers!). My good friend Liz sent me a book in the mail, and my cousin gave me a big flower pot and some bulbs for my garden! I felt so spoiled today. McKay got me some much needed racquetball glasses and and a glove. I've been using a hybrid of safety goggles safety glasses for the past couple of months. Finally, one of the guys in the league said, "Sister, you definitely need to get new glasses." I feel like such a glam sporty girl in my pink glasses and glove.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The New News

There's some exciting things that have happened in the past couple weeks:

McKay got accepted to BYU's Master's Program for Electrical Engineering. This is great relief for the both of us, especially McKay. We feel very blessed that everything has worked out so far. Even though were not moving to somewhere exotic to go to grad school. It's comforting to know we have our families near by. This means we'll be living in Utah County for another two years. McKay is graduating in May and will start school up again in the Summer.

I started to take private racquetball lessons every other week. I joined the racquetball league at the Orem Rec Center and have enjoyed getting my butt kicked a lot. There's about 20 people and league and I'm outnumbered 19 boys: 1 girl. I'm planning on continuing my racquetball training and education and hope to get good enough to beat the 19 boys in the league in the fall.

I want to plant a small garden this summer. Thanks to a friend from work who let me borrow all of her gardening books, I've been planning out what I'm going to plant. I don't have any land so I'm using a bunch of pots to do the trick.