Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Rock Gods Are Happy

Last night, McKay and I went to the Foo Fighters Concert at the Maverick Center.  It's been a thing on our "to do" list for a long time.  Last time Foo came to Utah was three years ago.  At that time we were destitute students living from paycheck to paycheck and didn't have enough money to go :(  Fast forward three years later we were able to finally check this off our list.  It was well worth the wait. 


Outside the Maverick Center

 I do have a nose, I promise.


Good ole' Dave Grohl doing his thang!

Overall, the concert was amazing, Dave was amazing, and I was thoroughly satisfied.  Foo played for almost three hours!  Like I said, I think the Rock Gods above were pleased.  I can still hear ringing in my ear. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Conference Weekend at Cabin

I has the opportunity to take the day off on Friday, let's just say it was much needed.  I purchased a box of pears from a lady in my ward who knows a guy in Washington who operates a pear orchard.  I got a 24 lbs box for $17!  Next year if you want one, let me know and I'll order you one, here is the link.  My Mom came over and we canned pears all morning.  It was messy, sticky, a lot of work, but it was fun knowing I did something for the benefit of our small two person family.  Thanks to my sweet Mom who taught me the ancient art of canning.  
While I was getting our food ready for our weekend at the cabin, I came across this carrot stick, I thought it was amazing, so I decided to take a picture of it. 

Here are some pictures of us at the cabin:

Meggle and Chad

McKayla and I

We rode the 4-wheeler until our hearts were content

We took a wee hike around the cabin and found this interesting rock formation

Overall, we had a blast eating, listening to conference, watching movies, relaxing, and catching up with our friends.  Thanks Megan and Chad for a great weekend!