Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bees Game, Air Show, and Celebrity Sightings

Gosh, now that I'm a full time working girl I find it hard to sit down for 20 mins, check my e-mail, update my blog, and do other unnecessary things in my life. McKay and I have been up to some small adventures these past weeks.

We went to a Bees game with my cousin and her now fiance Tanner. They got engaged a week ago, and I'm really excited because they've been dating for as long as McKay and I have been together. This fall it will be 4 years! I get bored at Baseball games, and we lost, but it was fun to be outside and enjoy the company of alcohol infused people all around us.

Last week McKay and I went to the Air Show up at Hill Air Force Base. We carpooled with the Killpacks and left around 9 am. We got there at 10 and was able to get a really good spot. We enjoyed the noise, feeling the awesome power of the planes, and being near over 200,000 people. By noon it was so crowded it took us over 15 mins to reach the port-a-potties. Then another 30 min wait just to see the door of one. After taking two of these trips I decided that I was going to limit my water intake so I wouldn't have to make 3 more trips that day. There was so many people there I was becoming frustrated because I couldn't move and get around easily. I've never been to New York but I can imagine this is how it feels.

Mckay's Grandpa was a pilot in WWII and this is the type of planes he would fly.

The Thunderbirds

Me trying to hide from the sun!

We stayed the entire day and finally got to see the Thunderbirds. It was pretty awesome to see how blessed we are to have this great country, to think how smart mankind is, and how amazing the power of these airplanes. After the 3 1/2 hour trip back home due to the terrible traffic, it was time to go to bed. A long day in the sun resulted in me getting sunburned on my knees and the upper part of my arms. What a dumb place to be burned. Especially how devoted I am to the art of applicating sunscreen every hour, I thought I was covered. Well, I wasn't.

Today at church the 1st Counselor in the Bishopric came up to me after Sacrament and told me I look like a celebrity. He then tells me I look like Amy Adams from Enchanted. That is so funny because I've had a handful of people tell me I look like her. I don't know what makes us look so familiar, but I'll take any compliment I can get. I had a class mate from school tell me McKay looks like Kevin Spacey, and I've had people agree.

If only I had that poof sleeve dress.

How dreamy, I think I'm going to call McKay "Spacey" for now on.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shoot Them Up

McKay and I along with our good friends the Zollingers went on a shooting escapade up Hobble Creek. It kind of freaked me out because there was about 20 other people shooting in the same place. To my left a group of brothers trying to show off how manly they are by shooting the loudest gun and to my right was a group of 10 deacons shooting guns. I serioulsy thought I wasn't going to get out of that canyon alive that night with all of the flying bullets. Guns scare me. I hate how they kick back, so the only gun I'll shoot is the .22.

Sexy Lizzy

Charlie's Angels

Poor Fernando, this who we shot during our session. And that was McKay's old computer monitor. I'm glad we were able to put it to good use.

Me and the .22

This is random, but this cute cottage up in Midway is the house I want! I heart it and whenever McKay and I are in Midway we go by it so I can take a picture of it.