Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Craig Weekend

This last weekend, I went home to my family in Centerville. One of my good friends from high school Jessica Rigby is getting married, and I thought I'd throw her a bridal shower. One of my passions in life is planning events and parties. I went all out to plan this cute and fun bridal shower. Out of 10 girls, only two showed up! I was really disappointed. The shower went well. My friend Jessica loves to scrapbook, so every girl brought a picture or two Jessica and them and we made her a little scrapbook of memories from her close friends. We played a game called Love Bingo and my wonderful mother cooked a delicious dinner too. After that we opened gifts and talked! I'm so excited for Jessica because she's marrying her high school sweetheart.

The Bridal Shower Party. Me, Jess, Taylor, and Caitlyn

Later that evening McKay and I took a couple rides on my old moped. When I was younger I had a newspaper route for 5 years! Everyday I would ride that scooter and deliver my newspapers. I have a lot of memories of riding that thing during the summer heat and freezing winter. I remember one time driving that thing around and being pelted by snowballs from the neighborhood boys. I felt so humiliated! They probably did that because they wanted me.

McKay and I rode our bikes down to a local park and we played Tennis! It was really fun because we haven't played for a long time. I love wearing my cute tennis skirt, it's probably my favorite thing about tennis is wearing my skirt.

After coming home from Tennis McKay and I watched two very cute movies, and I was so surprised that McKay even liked them! I recommend renting Penelope and The Jane Austen Book Club. Both were so fun, cute, and I want to buy them!

If you love Jane Austen like I do, you'll love this movie!

We went to church with my parents and my lil sister sang in sacrament. She has an amazing voice, and she sang beautifully. McKay's friends from high school were having a BBQ in Draper, so on our way home we did that. I didn't know anybody except one three other people, I find situations like that not my favorite when no one else will talk to you. Then we came home and played games with our friends the Skousens, Zollingers, and Billings. We had a blast. That was our fantabulous weekend!

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Scott and Andrea said...

So I'm totally a blog stalker and I'm sure you two totally don't even remember me but I thought I'd say a quick hi! Looks like you're doing very well. Your friend Taylor is dating my friend Casen from high school. Random! That's how I found you. Anyways, I hope everything keeps going well for you two. Go DownEast Outfitters!