Monday, August 18, 2008

My Fall Plans

After a couple of weeks of waiting, today I got some really good news. This fall I'll be interning at Close to My Heart, a scrapbooking company in Pleasant Grove. I'm so excited because this was the internship I wanted the most out of the other ones! I can't wait to learn, experience, and meet new people. It's such a happy place and I like happy.


Jessica & Tyler said...

Congrats again Court! My sisters are both consultants for that scrapbooking place! They love their stuff! It will be a good fun experience for you! Good Luck! Love ya!

Phil and Ashlee said...

Congrats Courtney!! That's way exciting. you needed 3 internships right? wow! I am not going to make it to the camp out.. sorry! how is it coming? good luck!