Monday, June 30, 2008

Today on Doug Wright, FLDS Dresses

Teen Princess Dress

This is their underwear that young girls wear!
Today while traveling to my internship at Gardner Village I got stuck in traffic for 35 mins. Being almost a "fully educated" person I like to listen to intellectual things on the radio. I love listening to KSL in the morning to hear what is happening around the world and in Utah. Listening to the news I tend to listen to Doug Wright's talk radio at 9 am. Well this morning Doug's topic was on the FLDS women and how they started their own clothing line It's online and he was making fun of how boring the website looked and how it needed some more "pizazz!" He was asking listeners to call in with some of their creative ideas for the FLDS clothing line.

I'm stuck in traffic and I started to think. I came up with this: Breed Them Young Outfitters. It would be complete with teen wedding gowns. I thought that I had a good idea, so I decided to call up Doug and give him a piece of Courtney Killpack's imagination. When I told him my idea he said that it was pretty brutal, but I did get a laugh out of him. Then all of a sudden I was cut off, I could hear myself on the radio and I guess he thought I lost my call. Anyway, it was something fun to do while your stuck in traffic. I recommend doing this because nobody will know it is you, so if you make a fool out of yourself, life will go on.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fishing Weekend

This weekend McKay and I went fishing at Strawberry Reservoir. We went with my father in-law and my brother in-law Johnny. By the way Johnny was ordained an Elder today. He is getting ready to put in his papers. We are so proud of him!

Back to fishing. We woke up at 5:30 a.m. so we could get to lake in peak fishing conditions. I was smart and brought with me a book, magazine, nail polish, snacks, and my ipod. I caught a fish that was 18 inches long! I felt so bad about catching it that I released it into the water. I kept busy with my magazine and book. It wasn't that bad and it was good weather outside.


This week my best friend and dear cousin Erin came home from studying abroad and backpacking through Europe. I seriously missed her so much. She's been gone for two months and I can officially say that Summer has started. I love you cousin!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Our New Addition to our Family

This isn't our dishwasher, I just thought it was cool looking

This week McKay went onto KSL Classifieds and bought us our first portable dishwasher! For all of you that have lived without a dishwasher it is such a blessing to have one. It's hard when you go from a nice apartment that has one and when you get married you move into a crapier place with no dishwasher :( You have no idea how many times I've just wanted to cry because we have a week worth of dishes in the sink and don't have time to do them! This has lighten our burdens so much! Seriously this has changed our lives for the better because our apartment won't stick anymore!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Your Royal Highness Courtney

These are not my thumbs, but they look just like these.
Over the weekend I found out something so interesting and fascinating that I had to tell you all about it. If you know me you know that I have weird stubby thumbs. All of my life my family would laugh and joke about how I have these long beautiful fingers and these short, fat, and odd looking thumbs. Well today in church our friends Bryant and Liz we were talking about my thumbs for some odd reason. Bryant who is going into dental school told me that there is a scientific name for my thumbs and it's called Brachydactyly type D or "BDD". While in Sunday school he did some research on his iphone and found information about it. On Wikipedia it said this:
Clubbed thumbs are historically thought of as a sign of royalty. This rare condition was much more common in royal European blood-lines than in the general population and was used as a factor in determining the pureness of the blood. Other commonly used terms are toe thumb and European thumb.
The interesting part about this is that my mom's side of the family is directly related to a king from France and England. I guess I can officially say that I'm royalty. Now I know how Princess Mia from the Princess Diaries felt when she found out that she was royalty!

Monday, June 9, 2008

McKay's New Obsession

The one thing I love about my husband is that he is always surprising me with little quarks he has. This one I'd never suspect! Lately McKay has been plant and tree obsessed. When we went on our hike last week he found a bunch of wild flowers and tried to dig them up so he could transplant them in our apartment's backyard. I watched him as he did this and was thought what in the world is he doing this? Well it got worse over the week. The next day McKay called me while he was at work and was so excited to tell me that while he was trimming the bushes in the back of the shop he found a peach tree growing from a peach pit. He told me how he was pondering about whether or not he was going to transplant it to our backyard. After seriously thinking about it he decided not too.

Well, Saturday comes along and the Killpack's decided that we were going to go fishing up Strawberry Reservoir. On our way up there it was snowing and it looked like a blizzard was coming down. The best part was that when we got to the lake, and was about to dock the boat, my father-in-law found that the battery was left on, and therefore the boat was dead. I was actually very happy and relieved that we didn't get on the water because it was 34 degrees and would of been miserable. McKay was so sad because fishing is one of his passions in life, and was looking forward to this fishing trip. Later that day when it cleared up he finally went fishing with his dad. He came back home with two small trees wrapped in a baggie of water. I said, "Where did you get those?" McKay said, "I found these two cherry trees, and thought they would look nice in our backyard!" Without even a response back he went outside dugged up two hole and planted them there. He's been taking real good care of them, by making sure they are watered everyday and has told the loud and obnoxious Hispanic kids that if they break the trees that he would break them.

Sunday comes, and like any Sunday we go to his parent's house to eat dinner and play with everyone. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa Killpack's house to visit them, while we were there McKay wanted to show me some of the cool plants that they have in the secret garden. McKay found a small plum tree that was growing and was so excited so he dugged it up and put water in a baggie and put the tree in the baggie so he could transplant it to our backyard. By this time I'm just in shock that he has this passion for plants. McKay is very masculine and doesn't show hardly any emotion. I do say that this is one side I've never seen before, I consider plant obsession a part of his feminine side. We went back to his parents house and for 30 mins McKay and his dad walked around there backyard garden and they talked about plants. McKay and his dad now show a common hobby. On Monday night he got some sticks and tied the trees to them so that they have a better chance of survival.

As you can see this is a new hobby of my husbands, and I'm glad that he has passions. Even though they might come in random ways.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Garage Sale Scooter Ride Adventure

Today was a special day full of fun adventure. My best bud Liz and I went on our Garage Sale Scooter Ride Exstravaganza! Liz and I share the passion for design, decorating, antiques, and one day buying and owning a home. We had this grand plan to go garage sale hunting, to make it more exciting we zipped around on Liz and Bryant's scooter. Because Liz is too short (4"11") she can't reach the ground with her feet. So I drive and she looks out for Garage Sale signs. We drove around Orem and found a pretty big garage sale and it was only a block away from my in-laws. We looked around and you could sense that there was treasure just waiting to be found. There were a bunch of purses that was sitting in a wood troth looking thing. I pulled all of the purses out and I found treasure. I asked the home owner what it was. She told me that it was from the Balkan Islands and it was used for making yogurt in the 1800's. I imagined all of the ways I could use it. I knew I had to have it. I bought it for a whopping $7.00! It was funny because Liz bought a bunch of books and we had to hold our purses, books, wood yogurt troth, and drive. We made it to McKay's parents house in one piece and dropped it off so we could continue our scooter ride. We did find a couple more garage sales but they were done or finished by the time we got there. We took a tour around Orem and looked at some of the pretty homes there. After doing that we decided to drive back home. On the way there we almost got ran over by a dumb blonde chick in a truck that wasn't watching what was in front of her. We stopped at the red light to turn right, and I guess she thought that we went and started to go. I had to slam my arm on the hood of her car to let her know that two innocent souls where in front of her. She stopped and if she would of gone further we would of been runned over! I was pist because scooter riders have to be such defensive drivers and always watch out for other drivers. Even though I almost died today and I had a blast driving around with Liz, I'm so happy that I have a new addition to my collection of weird and random decor.

My yogurt wooden troth!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our grand hike!

The view of Pleasant Grove from the trail

McKay and the view
Tuesday night after McKay and I got off of work we decided that we would go on a hike. Most nights we chill, but tonight we were going to go out. We went to Pleasant Grove and went on the trail called Battle Creek. I wonder if there was a real battle that happened there? Anyway, it was a good hike, it was pretty hard with its steep slopes. We hiked along the river and that was probably the highlight of the hike. I'm not into hikes, but it felt good to go on one. It was fun to let my inner granola girl out. We didn't make it even half way before we sat down and pretended to be arch

eologists. I think McKay and I found half of a fossil. So we kept looking for more and was unsuccessful. On our way back down McKay picked me wildflowers. McKay always complains about how I don't like flowers. I don't know why he thinks that because I love flowers. The only two times he got me flowers was when we got engaged and when I hadn't seen him for 3 weeks. Flowers were the last thing on my mind. We stopped and took some panoramic shots. McKay was determined to transport the wild flower

s from the trail and replant them in our garden. To celebrate our victorious hike we went to the Purple Turtle and had shakes. What a waste of a hike and then right after I have a shake.

Oh, I feel so pretty!

My pretty bouquet of wild flowers

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday fun at the Killpack's

Sunday was an interesting day. My wonderful and sweet mother-in-law Ann wanted to go up to Salt Lake and visit her parents graves. McKay and I decided to go to his family's ward at 9 a.m. so the entire family could go together. After church we are walking out and Ann starts talking to a man in the ward. She noticed that he had a fishing tie and told McKay and I to come over and look at it. If you don't know McKay, one of his passions in life is fishing. McKay complimented on the man's tie and then all of a sudden the old man started to take it off his neck. He handed it to McKay and said, "trade me!" McKay was shocked that this man was doing this, so without thinking he took off his tie and gave it to the man. After the man walked off McKay realized that he had traded his nicest tie! He was real upset, but didn't know what to do because the old man was so adimit on trading ties, and plus it was an awkward situation. Another quwark about McKay is that he doesn't do well in awkward situations. When he is in one he can't think and surrenders. When we got back to his parents house McKay was so pist that he was foolish in giving up his nice tie.

We met up with Ann's brother who owns and breeds horses. One of the horses just gave birth to a colt and its name is Malibu. It was so cute and big! I fed the horses with carrots and grass and almost got my hand bitten off. It was fun though. We went to the Salt Lake City Cemetary and found McKay's grandparents and great grandparetns graves. We brought stuff to make sandwiches and had a picnic on the grass next to his great grandparents. I felt like we bonded. It was cool because I didn't know much about Ann's side of the family and today I felt like I got to know these people that are a part of McKay. Then we went to the cemetary in the Avenues and saw President Hinckley's grave. It was pretty impressive! It was about 10 feet tall and made of solid granite from the SLC temple and Conference Center. I told McKay that I want an impressive tombstone with a glamour picture of me on it. I love seeing pictures on tombstones, it makes visiting cemetaries more interesting. Today was a good day. It's fun going to church in a different ward and having a picnic in the cemetary.