About Me

Hello! I'm Courtney and I'm an ordinary girl who has ordinary aspirations: to be happy, to live life to the fullest, to treasure the little moments in life, and to live in the moment.  You can tell I'm all about living.  I'm a Mormon.  I grew up in Utah all my life and at the young age of four I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.  I've struggle each day of my life with this, but I'm proving to myself each day I can achieve what I want in life with courage, support, and a stubborn determination.

I come from a loving family and am the second oldest of two sisters and a brother who all have red hair except me.  I met my husband McKay the first three weeks of attending Southern Utah University.  We laughed, played, went to school, got to know each other, and married in 2006.  I feel so lucky to have fallen in love and be married to a good man who loves me, is a provider, a great husband and father, and is extremely handy.  He is my opposite in everything, but he compliments me in every aspect.  For several years McKay and I worked hard, finished school, traveled, and enjoyed some "us" time.  Our lives changed forever and for the best in 2012 when our sweet daughter Amelia was born.  She has been the biggest blessing in our lives.  We look back and wonder, "why did we wait so long to have her?"  She has my eyes, but I like to call her McKay's mini me.  I can't forget to mention the"other" child, our white Miniature Schnauzer named Winston, we heart him and his Kong frisbee.

When Amelia was born I made a decision.  I decided to quit my job as the marketing and PR specialist for a large medical facility to stay home full time with my baby.  At the time I thought this would be the hardest decision in my life, but has turned into one of the greatest blessing in my life.  Soon after this decision an opportunity was placed right before me.  A good friend of mine who is a famous blogger asked me if I would help her and her five sisters with their blog.  I do this from home and am loving every moment of it.

This blog is my creative and mental outlet and for me to stay connected to the world.  Where I like to share what I'm doing in life, my thoughts, crafting (I'm not very good and a lot of my crafts are failures, but I do love to try), beautifying and decorating my home, staying fit, being a mother, a wife, and finding ways to make life more fulfilling!

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