Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Date

Last night McKay and I decided that we would go on a date. I thought it would spice things up if instead of driving we would walk. So we walked the 6 blocks to our favorite Indian restaurant called, Indian Palace. It's on center in Provo. On the way there, here are some of the random things we saw.

This was outside some one's porch

This was also outside of this house. I thought to myself that there must be some kind of artist that lives here.

On our migration up to the restaurant up Center Street we came across this poster.

If you can't read it it says, "Beauty, must be defined as what we are, or else the concept itself is our enemy. After looking at that poster I felt prettier.

We finally got to India Palace. We were greeted by this man. Well he didn't look entirely like this, he was a lot younger, but he did wear the rad turban.

I love coming to India Palace because the food is great, service is fast and friendly, it's has an authentic atmosphere, and they actually play Indian music. I hate when I go to a Mexican restaurant and they play Match Box 20.

On the way home McKay and I stopped at the grocery store and walked home.
The end.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McKay and I Simpsonized

This week at my internship I had to do some research on scrapbooking blogs. While I was researching I found this website where you can Simpsonize yourself! This is Mckay and I.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not so exciting week

Like the title this week has been kind of boring. Nothing very exciting happened. But here is a list of what did happened:

1. I got my Amy Winehouse wig in the mail! Yah! I think McKay is going to be JD from Scrubs or the main guy with the short shorts off of RENO 911! Don't worry McKay would be wearing modest shorts, or the shorts from Knee Shorts instead.

2. I finally finished my wall collage above our bed.

3. We switched our cable from Direct Tv to Comcast, now we have a DVR, so McKay can watch his Scrubs whenever and I can watch the Antique's Roadshow. We love our DVR.

4. I bought a pumpkin smelling candle because our apartment tends to stink because we have no disposal.

5. McKay had a formal dinner we went too for school. Where he was able to mingle with very successful engineers who graduated from BYU and get more information about graduate school and other learn keys to success. It was fun because we got to dress up fancy and we got a free steak dinner out of it. The mentor who sat at our table was a very very very successful multi millionare structural engineer from California. The whole time he talked about how wealthy he is and how much he charges for his projects. He also told us that he's a bishop and works from home. He does work internationally and has set up a huge scholarship fund at the Y. He maybe asked us one to two questions. He was nice, but way too conceeded for the both of us. McKay and I have this perception of people who are from California, that a lot of them are conceeded, does anybody else agree? We did run into our friends the Parenta's. They're in our ward. It was funny because the mentor who was sitting at their table was the wife of our mentor at our table. After dinner they came up to us to say hi. Sarah started to say how their mentor wouldn't shut up. The two mentors were standing right next to her. I leaned over and said their husband and wife. She was so scared that they heard her, but they didn't. It was funny. You're awesome Sarah!

6. I've been working on this promotional event at my internship this week. Where my compay is donating thousands of hand-made cards to soldiers in Iraq and all over the world. First, I had to sort them, and then after I had to write a press release. But I didn't know how many cards we were donating. I had to go back and count every one. The total came out to 4,243.

7. I was bored one night and was doing some blog stalking to acquantances from high school. I would say half of the girls that are my age are pregnant! I couldn't believe it how many there were. I'm happy for them, but don't see me doing that for a while.

8. McKay's hair is growing back from the tragic hair buzzing experience we had a couple weeks ago.

9. It was my Mother in-law's Birthday this week, she turned 57! She looks better then ever. We celebrated by having home-made ice cream cake. McKay and I gaver her a new bra that she'd been wanting.

10. We had the Zollinger's and Skousen's over and had fried halibut. Thanks to McKay's parents because they went to Alaska a month ago and brought back 150 pounds of halibut that they caught. It was real good and fun to hang out with people.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Famous Person Encounter

Last night, I was outside BBQing my dinner when all of a sudden an old man approached me to asked me an apartment was. I turn around and its Lavell Edwards! He told me that he just got back from Peru and met one of our tenants family and he was bringing her some stuff that was from her family. He was such a nice guy. He asked me if I was going to school and how long I'd live in our apartments. It was so random that this famous Utahn came to our ghetto apartments!

My Halloween Costume Ideas

I don't know about you, but Halloween is a big deal to me. I spend a month or two pondering, thinking, and researching as to what I want to be for Halloween. I love to dress up, it's one of my passions in life. In high school I was known for dressing up crazy and going places. I still enjoy a night or two doing that still. Last year was so much fun, McKay was Dog the Bounty Hunter and I was his voluptuous wife, Beth.

I'm having toss up between these two ideas costume ideas. It's either between:

Poor Amy Winehouse


Penelope from the Movie Penelope

Whatever I am this year, I'll be excited to go to school, work, and my internship all dressed up.

The Peaches Have Come!

One of my favorite things about starting school and the beginning of fall is the amazing peaches that are grown locally in Orem. My mother in-law buys a couple of boxes of them, and all I eat for three weeks straight is peaches. Peaches in the morning, mid-afternoon, lunch, snack, one for dinner, and maybe one right before I go to bed. I think one day last year I ate like 5 peaches. They're so sweet and ripe! I heart them.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Women's Expo

This weekend was the Women's Expo at the McKay Events Center. I invited my dear cousin Erin and sassy friend Liz to come with. We started the day at were we got our chunky cinnamon french toast and caught up with each other. We went to the Expo and it was my first time there, it was fun. I swear I signed up for 20 contests/drawings. If I don't win something I think I'll be upset. There were a lot of botox, weight loss, clothing, lipo suction, and home decor booths. One of the coolest and most original booths I saw there was the Boudoir Photography booth. I was tempted to sign up. My internship, Close to My Heart had an awesome booth with card and bookmark making stations. Ya were awesome! Towards the end of the Expo there it was, my obsession for the past couple of weeks. YOASIS! They were handing out free yogurt, I could have died and gone to heaven. I would of gone to the Expo just to get a free yogurt. I also signed up to stop smoking at parks and got a free non-smoking car freshener that smells of vanilla. It was a good Saturday morning.

Friday, September 5, 2008

This week's adventures.

This week has been interesting. I started my internship at Close to My Heart. This weekend was the Women's Expo at UVU. My internship sponsors it. So for the past two days at my internship I've been helping put together 1200 of these card and bookmark packets there handing out at the expo. By the end of the day my hands are sore and they smell like the plastic bags. But so far I love it there. The people are so nice, and I actually have interaction with other people. At my other internship at Gardner Village, I was stashed away in the corner and didn't have much interaction with anyone. I loved it, but I did long for someone's presence. So my first day at the internship was good, stuffed the 1200 bags, and after that I had to go to work. There's been some construction in the area, and the way to get to the freeway is a long and tedious. I thought I'd be clever and take a different route. So I decided to go through the construction zone. Don't worry nobody was there, and all of the trucks and men were gone home. So I'm trail blazing through the mud, dirt, rocks, and stuff. The only way to get out of the mess was to through this little pond, I didn't think anything of it. I knew my Hyundai Elantra could get through it. I go through it and I get stuck in the mud. I sit there for a couple of minutes trying to use my horse power to get out and the car got deeper in the mud. I had to be at work in 20 minutes and so I called my in-laws to come save me. They were so nice to tow my butt out of the mud. After, they took my car and got it cleaned. They're officially my heroes.

Jon, my brother in-law got his mission call this week. He's going to Chihuahua, Mexico. I was stuck in the mud when he read his call, so I wasn't able to witness it, but McKay gave me the scoop of what happened. When Jon read MEXICO! The way he said it was priceless. He said it in a way like, "Are you kidding me?" McKay's response was, he smacked his head against the pillow a couple of times. Because McKay is half Costa Rican (where he served his mission) he's prejudice against other Latinos. I think everyone reacted that way because the anticipation of it was too much. But after the initial shock of everything, everyone is happy, including Jon and McKay.

Jon and my mother in-law

Ok so this is an embarrasing thing that happened to me at school. Friday, I have one class. So after I thought that I'd go to the new library on campus, check it out, eat my lunch, and do some homework until I had to go to work. I navigate myself to the cafe in the library. I don't know about you, but I thought that they would have a microwave somewhere in the library. I found out that they didn't. So I asked the Hispanic lady who worked in the cafe if she could heat up my food because I didn't want to walk all the way back to the LA building where the Cafeteria is and heat my food there. She was very nice and agreed. While my food was heating up I saw a friend from work, Eliza. I sat with her and her friends until my food was heated. I don't know why but I felt embarrassed/awkward with them heating up my food. I felt that it was a inconvenience. I got my nicely heated food and sat down to chat with Eliza. I said, "I feel so retarded having them heat up my food," as I got up to throw something away. The lady that heated up my food heard me say "retarded"and thought I was talking about her. My friends overheard her say, "What did you just call me?!" I was over by the trash can, so I didn't hear this. My friend Eliza told the lady that I didn't say that she was retarded that I felt retarded for her heating up my food. I walk back to the table, and the lady grabs my arm and says, "I was just making sure." At this point, I have no idea what's going on. I sit down and Eliza tells me that the cafe lady was just about to blow up and confront me about how she thought I called her retarded. I felt dumb and embarrassed. This all happened because I wanted to heat up my lean cuisine, and this is what I get, almost get caught up in a cat fight with a Hispanic lady. I thought to myself, I'm never coming here again!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Greek Festival

Opa! McKay and I went with our buddies from SUU to the Greek Festival in Salt Lake this weekend. Let's just say we went for the food. It was fun. The food was way good, the music was interesting, and the lamb roasting on a spit was a lovely touch to the Greek atmosphere.

Megan and Chad

McKay eating

This is my food: a gyro, lemon rice, salad, and coke

My favorite thing, the lamb on a spit

This is inside the church

The pretty stained glass windows

Look at the detail in this chair

Outside of the church

The gang we went with

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Catastrophe

Monday morning. I made a delicious breakfast due to all of the left over food we had from our ward camp-out. McKay is in the bathroom buzzing his hair so it will look nice and pretty for the first day of school. He calls out for me to help him. I thought he said to trim the back of his head. So without thinking I start buzzing away. Then all of a sudden, I realize that I did something wrong. McKay is screaming for me to STOP! I thought he put the cutter guard on the buzzer, but it wasn't on. I completely buzzed off a chunk of his hair in the back! At first I started to laugh so that their wouldn't be so much tension, but that didn't go well with McKay. The sad part was that McKay wanted me to buzz the back of his neck and I don't know how I got back of head from that. The other sad part is that McKay was so upset he didn't talk to me the rest of the afternoon. I felt real bad because if he had done that to my hair I'd be pretty upset, and I would have to chop my hair off. Later that night, he forgave me, we kind of chuckled, and hugged it out. Thanks, McKay for not killing me today, but don't worry it will grow back soon. I heart you.