Thursday, July 3, 2008

We're going to Stadium of Fire!

Yesterday, I got a call from my mom and she told me that she won 6 tickets to go to Stadium of Fire! I've never been but I feel very fortunate due to all of the crazy parents that would chop off their right arm to have their child see Miley Cyrus. Honestly I could care less about seeing the teen diva, but I guess I'm excited because everyone is making such a big deal about it. Haha, well I'll have to give you updates about how it is!


Lindsay said...

How was your first time at the stadium of fire??? I love love loved it!!!!!!! And I will admit I like myley too :) love ya girl

erika said...

Hey I thought that you were totally against it. At least that is what you said in Roger's class! That's okay, I would have gone to Stadium of Fire for the fireworks alone!