Friday, July 18, 2008

No ZZZZZZ's Tonight

It's 5:04 a.m. on Friday morning. You're probably wondering why I'm on the computer and not in bed sleeping. This past week and a half has been very stressful at work. If you're familiar with Nordstroms and their biggest sale of the year called the Anniversary Sale then you know it's a pretty big deal to shopoholics. Last night I had to go into work to help setup for the sale for a couple of hours. Being there and seeing all of the merchandise I realize that these next two weeks are going to be crazy busy. The crappy thing was I had to be at work in 7 hours from 10 p.m. As soon as I got home I took a menintonin so I could fall asleep fast and stay asleep. Around 3 a.m. I wake up from this chaotic dream that I'm at work and I'm bombarded by customers, trying to please their needs, stressing, and not being able to get anything done. I wake up from this dream and I can't fall back to sleep. McKay is also having a hard time falling asleep. I was surprised to see him awake, but of course he ends up falling asleep and I don't. So I thought I'd get up and get some things done like: finish putting together Jessica's bridal shower invitations, eat two bowls of cereal that I've never tried before, stole the cup of water McKay sets asides when he goes to bed, and I'm actually thinking about applying for some internships for the fall. I have to be to work in a hour and a half and hopefully I'll be able to get through it. I feel that the Anniversary Sale can cause major trauma and stress to employees due to all of the expectations and the desire and longing to have a good paycheck. But is it really worth it to feel so overwhelmed, stressed, and being sleep deprived? I think not, but we'll see how it with only three hours of sleep.


emmy lou said...

Coming from someone who lives from the anniversary sale, I truly appreciate your sacrifice!!!!

But seriously (even though I was being deadly serious above), I'm sorry you couldn't sleep:-(

Taylor said...

Court face! I feel your pain! I told them i didn't wanna work the sale...cause i'm already working a full time job...but somehow i got caught up in it again! I'll be working and sleep deprived with you:)

mare said...

oh no, didn't know so much went into the behind the scenes at nordys. Take luck. ps i'm kind of an insomniac so if you ever can't sleep again, I'm up.