Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cascade Springs Scooter Ride

I love Sunday's because it's all about rest and relaxation. This Sunday we spice things up a bit and decided that we would go on an adventure. We had our friends Bryant and Liz come with us on their scooter and us on McKay's motorcycle and we drove up Provo Canyon, through Sundance, over to Cascade Springs, and then came out of American Fork Canyon. It was a four hour ride, my butt suffered, but in all it was a blast. It was a fuel efficent way to sight seeing and I felt like a true biker. Next time we need to wear our black leather and then we'll be official bikers!


mare said...

hey dear. I'll tell you where I got that that picture of a dream bedroom if you tell me where you got your stellar teal swimsuit. Its from anthro, of course!

Caitlin said...

Courtney, McKay, Liz and Bryant you all look so cute in your picture at Cascade Springs. Thanks for the fun memories of our cruise and hope your all doing well. Have fun with each other and enjoy this time of freedom with no kids. Love Mom