Saturday, July 19, 2008

Diamond Fork Campout!

This weekend McKay and I and our good friends the Zollinger's went camping up Diamond Fork Canyon (up Spanish Fork Canyon). We has a great time. Probably the most memorable part was that at 12 am we were sitting around the campfire and I thought it would be so

fun to go up to the hot pots that were just up the canyon because Bryant and Liz have

never been to them and plus the moon was high and full.

It would be a beautiful night to go. So we did!

We packed our swimsuits and hiked the two mile hike up to the pots. McKay and I with some friends of ours went to these hot pots before we got married and we saw a lot of naked hippie people up there, so I was getting anxious to see what kind of crazy people would be up there this time. When we finally got to the pots there were a bunch of high school kids smoking a bong that lite up. The funny thing is that I had no idea what a bong looked like because growing up in Centerville I never saw drug paraphernalia before. It was a learning experience for me.

It was so relaxing sitting in the hot hot hot pots. Although it does smell like sulfur it's worth the hike. Soon after arriving the other pot smoking kiddies left so we had the entire place to ourselves! We got back to our tents at around 3 am! We were exhausted and slept until 11. We made an awesome breakfast and then we went swimming in nearby river. This was a good weekend. It made me distress from work.


Christina and Ryan said...

Aww Courtney saw her first bong. This was a momentous occasion haha. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I'm glad you got a break from work!

Doug and Bethany Crowther said...

They Killpack's, This is actually Doug writting here. How are things going? Looks like you guys had a fun weekend, I need to talk to McKay i've always wanted to go to the hot pots but never knew where they were so he is going to have to inform me, Hope all is going well. We miss seeing you guys. We need to go hang out sometime.

The Katester said...

Hey court thats awesome you saw a bong, I've yet to see one too. Oh the ways of growing up in Centerville :)