Monday, July 7, 2008

Update on The Killpack's 4th of July!

Well.... Our 4th of July was full fun, but we did too much! The night before the 4th we went up to my parents house in Centerville to see my family and go to the C-Ville parade.

After th parade McKay and I had to leave because I had to work for four hours, very lame. After I got off of work we went to Grandma and Grandpa Killpack's house where the whole family was there having a BBQ and going to watch the fireworks from the balcony. My family came down and were invited to come to the Killpack gathering. We had to leave soon after arriving if we were going to get to the show. I hopped onto McKay's motorcycle and we parked real close to the stadium. While we were trying to find our seats we saw my cousin Jessica! That was a big suprise. We started to make the big climb to our seats. Much to our suprise our seats were the last bench of farthest away bleacher. Probably the coolest thing was the skydivers that landed inside the stadium. Blue Man Group was real good, I would see them again in Vegas. I wish we could of seen them better.

Now the downlow on Miley..... I wasn't too impressed. She only sang one song that anyone knew and I felt that she wasn't too thrilled to be spending her 4th in Utah. The fireworks were awesome. Especially when they are over you like that. My family slept over at our little apartment and in the morning we went and got breakfast at Magleby's Fresh, yum. Overall our holiday was a good one, next year it's going to be all about rest and relaxation.

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The Nielson family said...

You guys went!! I wish I had known. Michael and I went too!! Dang it! I wish we could have seen you. Oh well maybe next time!!