Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FHE with a Costa Rican Twist

Normally McKay and I don't have an official FHE because I either work, or we lack motivation to do one. But this last Monday was different. We decided that we would go longboarding down the Provo Parkway Trail. I'm so scared of going fast on longboards so we picked a nice flat spot so I could enjoy the ride. It was fun going down the trail and seeing all of these families together taking a walk. On our way back the most unexpected thing happened. McKay ran into his old land lords from his mission in Costa Rica. The husband's name is Francisco and he invited McKay and I to go over to their apartment so McKay could say hello to his wife Cecilia. At first Cecilia didn't recognize McKay, but all of a sudden she shouted "Killpack!" They were so excited to see McKay. You could tell the love that they have for him. We stayed over for about 45 mins. Of course I don't speak a lick of Spanish so I couldn't understand anything they so McKay was nice enough to translate for me. They invited us to come over whenever we wished and we promised to have a BBQ with them. The crazy thing is that they live down the street from our apartment!

Ever since Monday I've been on a quest to learn Spanish. All of our neighbors don't speak English and I hope this next summer McKay and I with some friends will be able to go to Costa Rica, and I desperately want to learn Spanish. After our meeting with Francisco and Cecilia we went over to McKay's parents house to say hello. I told everyone how I want to learn Spanish and my mother in-law being a teacher pulled out this booklet that read "Learn Spanish in a Week!" It has colorful illustrations and it comes with a CD! This week I've been listening to it in my car. I can officially say three sayings. I'll have to update on how my Spanish learning is coming.

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Lindsay said...

You are so nice! Your comment made my day! It means a lot and you will be a beautiful prego woman too! You are gorgeous