Monday, June 30, 2008

Today on Doug Wright, FLDS Dresses

Teen Princess Dress

This is their underwear that young girls wear!
Today while traveling to my internship at Gardner Village I got stuck in traffic for 35 mins. Being almost a "fully educated" person I like to listen to intellectual things on the radio. I love listening to KSL in the morning to hear what is happening around the world and in Utah. Listening to the news I tend to listen to Doug Wright's talk radio at 9 am. Well this morning Doug's topic was on the FLDS women and how they started their own clothing line It's online and he was making fun of how boring the website looked and how it needed some more "pizazz!" He was asking listeners to call in with some of their creative ideas for the FLDS clothing line.

I'm stuck in traffic and I started to think. I came up with this: Breed Them Young Outfitters. It would be complete with teen wedding gowns. I thought that I had a good idea, so I decided to call up Doug and give him a piece of Courtney Killpack's imagination. When I told him my idea he said that it was pretty brutal, but I did get a laugh out of him. Then all of a sudden I was cut off, I could hear myself on the radio and I guess he thought I lost my call. Anyway, it was something fun to do while your stuck in traffic. I recommend doing this because nobody will know it is you, so if you make a fool out of yourself, life will go on.

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emmy lou said...

hahaha!!!! I wish I would have heard that! I'm a Dougy Fresh fan too. Kindred spirits...