Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gateway Fun with Megano & Erin

Monday was Megano's 21st Birthday, she is my dear friend and ex roomate from SUU. To celebrate this momentous day in her life Erin and I decided to take her to the Gateway, where the fun never ends. We ended up shopping, which felt so good to finally do so. We found a lot of great deals that I snagged. My Mom and my Grandma were going to get some lunch at Thaiphoon, a restaurant there. We thought that we'd join them. The food was pretty darn good. To top off the hot afternoon we jumped into the fountains! It was wild. Too wild actually. There was this weird man that kept pressuring us to let him take a picture of us. In the process of that he almost stole our purses! Erin screamed at him not to touch our things. That was a weird and awkward moment. We heart you Megano! Happy 21st Birthday!

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