Monday, February 20, 2012

A Free Weekend

Don't you love it when you get cool stuff for free?  I do, I do!  This weekend was one of those, and oh was it fun.  McKay works with a guy who needed help installing his antenna for his hand held radio.  McKay worked at his Uncle's Radio Communication shop in Orem where he would install two hand held radio's and build radio towers on buildings and mountains.  

Can you image being this person fixing the radio tower on the Empire State Building?

This co-worker had this really nice outdoor patio set and his wife and him decided they wanted to get a nicer one, so he gave it to McKay as a thank you for his help.  McKay called me on his way home from picking up the patio set and said, "You're going to freak when you see this patio set, its so nice."  Yes, I did freak.  It even comes with cushions, we haven't put them out yet because it was suppose to snow that night.  McKay and I wondered how much this set would have cost if we bought it.  We did some research online and it would have cost around $600!    

Ever since I've been pregnant I've been really irritated with salespeople at work.  I deal with a lot of them because I'm the gatekeeper.  some of them are really pushy and especially right now I have no patience for really pushy people who call me everyday trying to sell me their product.  There is this one sales guy from Comcast who doesn't bug me (thank you!) and he's very kind because he invites me to all of these corporate events.  The last one I went to was at the Grand America Hotel (talk about a fun work lunch).  Well he contacted me because Comcast was having another event, but this one was at the Energy Solutions Center and it happens to be the same night as Stars on Ice.  The event that was celebrating the 10 year 2002 Winter Olympics Anniversary.  Well the invitation was to a hot buffet, a private reception where we get to mingle with some Olympians, and afterwards you get to watch the Stars on Ice show.  So we went to it and it was so much fun.  Dinner was beautiful and delicious, it was on the top level of the Energy Solutions Building that overlooks all of Salt Lake.  I even had second helpings of prime rib!  After dinner they had a small reception where Scott Hamilton gave a short speech (I didn't realize this, but he is so small, he's probably around 100 lbs and about 5"0").  The highlight was when all of a sudden Mitt Romney walked into the room and everyone just gasped!  We stood about 10 feet away from him.  He didn't mention anything about the campaign, he thanked everyone for putting on the best Olympics and talked about how excited he was to be here.  He said some other stuff but I don't remember what he said.    

After the reception we were given our tickets to the show.  I was really impressed, our seats were on the 12th row.  We had great seats. It was even better because McKay's cousin Marty has a 9 year old daughter by the name of Isabella who is a rising ice skater and she got to skate during the show.  KSL just recently did a spot on her, she's adorable.  The skating was pretty impressive, especially Gold Medalist pair Jamie Sale and Davis Pelletier.  They're in their mid thirties and was more impressive then the younger skaters.  They're like wine, the older they get the better.  I was reading up on their bio and they got married and had a baby and now divorced and still continue to work with each other.  I think that is so crazy.  Sasha Cohen and Sara Hughes both looked beautiful, I was more impressed with their costumes.  



Overall, the night was really fun. McKay and I don't get out and see the arts very much, so we both felt really lucky to have the opportunity to go to the show.  I forgot to mention, we even found free parking (thanks Jessica Rasmussen for showing me the spot).  I love free dates and free furniture.  Thanks to everyone who made our free weekend possible.  

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