Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My first baby purchase

I don't think its really hit me that we're having a human being join our family this summer.  Making my first baby purchase has started to get me to that realization.  I have a great co-worker who told me about how her son in-law works for this baby company up in Logan called JJ Cole Collections.  She e-mailed me over the weekend and told me they were having a deal when you order something off their website you can get it half off.  Before this I started to look at strollers a bit and wanted one that was stylish, affordable, and was going to do its job.  Of course, the ones I really liked peaked at around $800-$1,000.  That's ridiculous and I could buy a really nice couch for that price.  So I looked on their website into this stroller and was instantly sold.  I was able to get this stroller for $250!  Too bad the deal is over, but they did send me an e-mail with an e-mail code I can share where if you purchase something off their website you can get 30% off on your first purchase.  
The code is: JJCREPEAT3

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