Thursday, March 8, 2012

Looking forward to Spring

It's been a long time since McKay and I have been on a vacation.  I'm getting really excited because our Spring is filling up fast with some mini vacations and I'm really excited getting out of this joint!  I know during the summer I'm going to be huge, hot, and swollen and won't want to go anywhere.  So here's to Spring traveling!

McKay's sister is getting married this weekend in St. George.  Warm weather, awesome hiking and good company, should be a great weekend. 

My Great Grandpa Emmett is turning a 100 years old on March 17th!  My parents, Cameron, McKay and I are going to Oregon to attend the celebration and were spending some quality time at the beach.  I'm really excited about this trip because McKay has never been to Oregon and has never seen the Oregon Coast.  I haven't been to Oregon for almost three years, and its time to go back.  Can't wait for the fresh sea food, cozy sweaters and flip flops, seeing my extended family, and having a ocean front view from my Aunt's beach house.

Great Grandpa Emmett, this was three years ago when he broke his back while trying to garden in his back yard.  The doctors said he would most likely die; he proved them wrong. Six months later he was walking and jogging every morning.  I swear he has more energy then me :(

A picturesque view of the Oregon Coast 

We had a lot of fun last time we visited. 

In April, McKay is participating in the Century Ride down in St. George.  It should be fun because we'll get see Erin and Tanner and hang out with them in beautiful St. George.  
In May, Andrew is graduating from Medical School and were flying down as a family to see the comencement ceremony and to hang out before they move away from beautiful California.  Can't wait for the sunny weather, 85 F Bakery, Mediternanean Cafe, the beach, and spending time with my sistas.

Cruising with Mel at Newport Beach

Two years ago looking over Coronado Island in San Diego

Mel and I shopping at one of the million awesome malls in California.

McKay and I made it a goal to visit a National Park at least once a year.  Last year it was Bryce Canyon, this year we decided it was time to see Capitol Reef National Park.  So were planning a camping trip to do some hiking and dirt camping during Memorial Day.  Should be really fun.

The rest of the summer, we don't have anything planned.  I know we'll be spending lots of time up at the cabin in Park City.  I'm planning on spending lots of time at the pool, floating like a hippo.  

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