Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nursery Ideas

I'm pretty obsessed.  The first week I found out I was pregnant I started to create mood boards for the baby's nursery.  Because we don't know the sex of the baby yet, I had to make two of them.  

The first one is for a little girl named Amelia.  I love this name and its the name of my Great Grandmother on the Craig side of the family.  All of my life I never knew who I looked like.  I do have similar traits of my Mom and Dad, but it was my body shape that always stumped me.  I was not curvy and busty like my Mom and I'm a lot shorter and petite then my sisters.  It wasn't until a couple years ago my Dad came across a picture of my Great Grandma Amelia (they called her Millie) when I realized I had the same body type as her.  She was petite, slender, and had no shape (poor girl), just like me!  I soon grew a love for her because I felt like I had something in common with her. 

Anyway, back to the nursery ideas.  If the baby is a girl, I want to name it Amelia.  Amelia means: work, industrious, and fertile.  Not a bad meaning.  The inspiration behind the room was an  Art Nouveau rug I purchased at an antique show up in Ogden last year.  I don't have a picture of it, but it's had beautiful flowers on it.  So the theme of the "Amelia" room is an Art Nouveau garden nursery.  Here is my mood board:

The second mood board I did was for a little boy.  I really want to use a family name for this kid's name.  McKay's mother's grandparents last name was Vance which means "Windmill Dweller".  McKay doesn't like this name, but we can always negotiate later.  The inspiration for this room was a mixture of just recently watching The Big Bang Theory and my Electrical Engineering husband.  The room is Geek Chic themed.  I like the differential equations and periodical table of elements fabric I found on Spoonflower.  

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The Rasmussens said...

I totally have that rocking chair in the top mood chart. My mom gave it to me and it's the first piece of furniture she bought before got married! I love and cherish it so much!