Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Not So Sure Summer Plans

McKay went to an internship fair this last week, where he met and mingled with potential employers and internships. He got aquainted with this one company called Union Communications which is located in Evanston, Wyoming. He had an interview with them and we're waiting to hear back from them if he was picked for another interview. This made me think about our future plans.

I always thought that we would move somewhere exotic and cool when he does an internship. When we went to Bear Lake with the Killpack family this summer we drove through Evanston. The only thing I saw in Evanston, Wyoming was Cowboys, fireworks, a bunch of adult novelty stores, and a big Wal-Mart. What in the heck would I do there? Maybe I could start my own bra boutique or a cute home decor store. Or maybe I'd work at the Wal-Mart. I'm not to thrilled if we move to this small podunk town there for the summer. But I always say that going somewhere different and random would be cool, this fits in those two categories. We should be hearing back about this opportunity real soon. I'll have to keep you updated.


Megan said...

My husband had an internship in with Walmart at their headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas this summer. It was so much fun! Now, Bentonville might be a little bit bigger than a town in Wyoming but it definitely isn't a big city by ANY means. We had such a blast! It was so fun to move somewhere for just a little bit-to try somewhere new. I hope he gets something you both enjoy! Be sure to bring TONS of stuff to do, I wish I would've started a new hobby with all of my spare time!

LizzieLou said...

Haha. Your so funny. Yeah, Walmart needs bra-fitters too! Jk. It will all work out.

Scott and Andrea said...

I grew up in possibly the smallest town ever and really it's fun. People get really creative with entertainment and you get to know everyone.