Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This week

This weekend was pretty sad, due to the sudden death of our kitty Marley. I'm at the point now where whenever I look at his picture I placed on my phone's wallpaper, I don't cry anymore. This means I'm feeling better.

McKay had a hard week this last week. I knew just what to do. I thought I'd made some home-made Indian food! McKay and I LOVE Indian food. I wasn't expecting to spend $40 dollars in spices. Our spice cabinet smells like exotic India in there. I made Chicken Korma, garlic naan, and green beans (random veggie). Everything turned out good, my favorite was the garlic naans. Next time I try an Indian entree dish, I'm going to use non-fat yogurt.

I went over to my in-laws and I saw this. My sister in-law and her boyfriend Nick were hanging out. Nick was wearing his Ute gear, and Kim, my father in-law was so upset that he grabbed his Cougar gear and look, they're not fighting.

This is a picture of my Auntie Caroline, cousin giving my Grandpa an alligator clap for his 90th Birthday! On Sunday, McKay and I, my family, and extended family went over to my Aunt's house in Mapleton to celebrate Grandpa's Birthday! Grandpa you rock! He's healthy as a horse and has the best sense of humor. In a couple weeks my Grandma will be turning 89. I'm so lucky to have both Grandparents alive still. I heart them so much.

Grandma and Grandpa Craig

My Auntie Caroline thought we'd spice things up and have crab for dinner. What a way to achieve that. It was my first time trying real hardcore crab. It was good, sweet, and different. I'll definetly have to try it again in the future.

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