Monday, October 20, 2008

Good-Bye Sista

My older sister Melanie is moving to California. :( This makes me really sad because we've lived in the same town more than two years. We also worked at the same place for that long too, and it was always so fun going downstairs and bugging her. Melanie is moving to Cali to be closer to her boyfriend, Andrew, in which there's a very good chance of them getting engaged! I'm so happy and excited for her, but I know that she'll be down there for a long time. Andrew is going to medical school down there and has about seven more years, I think. But, this will be a future of fun visits to California. I heart you sista. I'm not excited to help move all of your crap down there, (that's poopy work) but maybe in return I can keep some of your stuff that won't fit into that XL U-Haul. JK. My younger sister Caitlin is going to be sad because she won't be able to borrow any of Melanie's fabulous clothes, accessories, jewelry, beauty products and shoes.

I'll never forget the times we went cruising on her scooter, ate at that hot dog place on BYU and treated ourselves to Yoasis. Or the times I would come over to help you clean up your room. Or the time McKay and I made that nasty pasta dinner for Andrew and you. Yuck.

Here are some pictures of us and the good times.

Being hot stuff at the New Years Eve Mocktail party!

Our group picture at the ugly Christmas sweater party

At Grandma's 3rd wedding

Melvin on the cruise!

Always a fan of Yoasis!

Cruising Lover's Beach

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