Monday, October 27, 2008

It's 2:44 a.m. For some lame reason I can't fall asleep. So instead of laying in bed trying to fall asleep and being jealous of McKay who is softly and soundly asleep, I decided I'd catch up on reading friends blogs, posting this, and finishing some homework.

Friday night, I decided that I'd make some more Indian food for dinner. Thanks to my good friend Christina, she provided a Chicken Tikka Marsala recipe on her blog. I decided to try it out. I was all ready and excited to make this complicated dish that called for 10 different spices. I was cutting up a jalapeno and for some reason I never learned that when you cut one you wear gloves. About 15 minutes later I start to feel this weird burning sensation on my hands, fingers, and face. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to all of the spices! I wasn't able to enjoy my food due to the pain I was enduring at the time. Our dinner was so spicy that we were sweating.

Saturday night was our ward's Halloween/Chili Cook Off activity. McKay and I are the chair people of the Activity Commitee. I was so excited to dress up, that's all I cared about. I was also happy that McKay dressed up because he's not into that childness like I am. There were some dramatic things that happened while setting up, but other than that everything went real smooth.

McKay, me, Megano (gypsy or Esmeralda), Chad (Shrek)

Megano and I

"My baby is incarcerated!"- Amy Winehouse

A close up of the glory


Probably the funniest thing of the entire night was when the four of us went to BYU's Creamery. Provoians are not use to people who looked like I did that night or who are green. While waiting in line I never had so many people stare and wonder whether or not my tats were real, or if I was hiding something in my hair. After eating ice cream Megano and Chad came over to our lil apartment and we decided to watch one of those lame 70's scary movies. We ended up watching this movie called, SQUIRM! It was about these worms that get electrocuted and come alive and attack and eat people. We wanted to feel the spirit for church the next morning. Even though it was pretty lame, it was fun because we made up some of the dialogue to make it more entertaining.

P.S my hands and fingers were still hurting.


Christina and Ryan said...

OMG Courtney, I'm so sorry that you were in so much pain! Did you put the seeds in your food? We didn't bc that's what makes it unbearable.

Phil and Ashlee said...

I love your costume soooo much

The Wells said...

I love both of your costumes! I miss our ward and the fun activities yall planned. My favorite by far was BINGO night way back in February and of course the ward campoout games last year. I bet the Halloween party was rockin'! :)