Friday, June 6, 2008

Garage Sale Scooter Ride Adventure

Today was a special day full of fun adventure. My best bud Liz and I went on our Garage Sale Scooter Ride Exstravaganza! Liz and I share the passion for design, decorating, antiques, and one day buying and owning a home. We had this grand plan to go garage sale hunting, to make it more exciting we zipped around on Liz and Bryant's scooter. Because Liz is too short (4"11") she can't reach the ground with her feet. So I drive and she looks out for Garage Sale signs. We drove around Orem and found a pretty big garage sale and it was only a block away from my in-laws. We looked around and you could sense that there was treasure just waiting to be found. There were a bunch of purses that was sitting in a wood troth looking thing. I pulled all of the purses out and I found treasure. I asked the home owner what it was. She told me that it was from the Balkan Islands and it was used for making yogurt in the 1800's. I imagined all of the ways I could use it. I knew I had to have it. I bought it for a whopping $7.00! It was funny because Liz bought a bunch of books and we had to hold our purses, books, wood yogurt troth, and drive. We made it to McKay's parents house in one piece and dropped it off so we could continue our scooter ride. We did find a couple more garage sales but they were done or finished by the time we got there. We took a tour around Orem and looked at some of the pretty homes there. After doing that we decided to drive back home. On the way there we almost got ran over by a dumb blonde chick in a truck that wasn't watching what was in front of her. We stopped at the red light to turn right, and I guess she thought that we went and started to go. I had to slam my arm on the hood of her car to let her know that two innocent souls where in front of her. She stopped and if she would of gone further we would of been runned over! I was pist because scooter riders have to be such defensive drivers and always watch out for other drivers. Even though I almost died today and I had a blast driving around with Liz, I'm so happy that I have a new addition to my collection of weird and random decor.

My yogurt wooden troth!

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mare said...

yes. I love garage sales. Next summer I'm home lets go together. Sounds fun