Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday fun at the Killpack's

Sunday was an interesting day. My wonderful and sweet mother-in-law Ann wanted to go up to Salt Lake and visit her parents graves. McKay and I decided to go to his family's ward at 9 a.m. so the entire family could go together. After church we are walking out and Ann starts talking to a man in the ward. She noticed that he had a fishing tie and told McKay and I to come over and look at it. If you don't know McKay, one of his passions in life is fishing. McKay complimented on the man's tie and then all of a sudden the old man started to take it off his neck. He handed it to McKay and said, "trade me!" McKay was shocked that this man was doing this, so without thinking he took off his tie and gave it to the man. After the man walked off McKay realized that he had traded his nicest tie! He was real upset, but didn't know what to do because the old man was so adimit on trading ties, and plus it was an awkward situation. Another quwark about McKay is that he doesn't do well in awkward situations. When he is in one he can't think and surrenders. When we got back to his parents house McKay was so pist that he was foolish in giving up his nice tie.

We met up with Ann's brother who owns and breeds horses. One of the horses just gave birth to a colt and its name is Malibu. It was so cute and big! I fed the horses with carrots and grass and almost got my hand bitten off. It was fun though. We went to the Salt Lake City Cemetary and found McKay's grandparents and great grandparetns graves. We brought stuff to make sandwiches and had a picnic on the grass next to his great grandparents. I felt like we bonded. It was cool because I didn't know much about Ann's side of the family and today I felt like I got to know these people that are a part of McKay. Then we went to the cemetary in the Avenues and saw President Hinckley's grave. It was pretty impressive! It was about 10 feet tall and made of solid granite from the SLC temple and Conference Center. I told McKay that I want an impressive tombstone with a glamour picture of me on it. I love seeing pictures on tombstones, it makes visiting cemetaries more interesting. Today was a good day. It's fun going to church in a different ward and having a picnic in the cemetary.


mare said...

The picture on the tombstone is a great idea, I should remember that. You make me laugh!

Erin said...

Cousin and mckay, I love your blog, and I love and miss you guys so much!