Monday, June 9, 2008

McKay's New Obsession

The one thing I love about my husband is that he is always surprising me with little quarks he has. This one I'd never suspect! Lately McKay has been plant and tree obsessed. When we went on our hike last week he found a bunch of wild flowers and tried to dig them up so he could transplant them in our apartment's backyard. I watched him as he did this and was thought what in the world is he doing this? Well it got worse over the week. The next day McKay called me while he was at work and was so excited to tell me that while he was trimming the bushes in the back of the shop he found a peach tree growing from a peach pit. He told me how he was pondering about whether or not he was going to transplant it to our backyard. After seriously thinking about it he decided not too.

Well, Saturday comes along and the Killpack's decided that we were going to go fishing up Strawberry Reservoir. On our way up there it was snowing and it looked like a blizzard was coming down. The best part was that when we got to the lake, and was about to dock the boat, my father-in-law found that the battery was left on, and therefore the boat was dead. I was actually very happy and relieved that we didn't get on the water because it was 34 degrees and would of been miserable. McKay was so sad because fishing is one of his passions in life, and was looking forward to this fishing trip. Later that day when it cleared up he finally went fishing with his dad. He came back home with two small trees wrapped in a baggie of water. I said, "Where did you get those?" McKay said, "I found these two cherry trees, and thought they would look nice in our backyard!" Without even a response back he went outside dugged up two hole and planted them there. He's been taking real good care of them, by making sure they are watered everyday and has told the loud and obnoxious Hispanic kids that if they break the trees that he would break them.

Sunday comes, and like any Sunday we go to his parent's house to eat dinner and play with everyone. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa Killpack's house to visit them, while we were there McKay wanted to show me some of the cool plants that they have in the secret garden. McKay found a small plum tree that was growing and was so excited so he dugged it up and put water in a baggie and put the tree in the baggie so he could transplant it to our backyard. By this time I'm just in shock that he has this passion for plants. McKay is very masculine and doesn't show hardly any emotion. I do say that this is one side I've never seen before, I consider plant obsession a part of his feminine side. We went back to his parents house and for 30 mins McKay and his dad walked around there backyard garden and they talked about plants. McKay and his dad now show a common hobby. On Monday night he got some sticks and tied the trees to them so that they have a better chance of survival.

As you can see this is a new hobby of my husbands, and I'm glad that he has passions. Even though they might come in random ways.

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