Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our grand hike!

The view of Pleasant Grove from the trail

McKay and the view
Tuesday night after McKay and I got off of work we decided that we would go on a hike. Most nights we chill, but tonight we were going to go out. We went to Pleasant Grove and went on the trail called Battle Creek. I wonder if there was a real battle that happened there? Anyway, it was a good hike, it was pretty hard with its steep slopes. We hiked along the river and that was probably the highlight of the hike. I'm not into hikes, but it felt good to go on one. It was fun to let my inner granola girl out. We didn't make it even half way before we sat down and pretended to be arch

eologists. I think McKay and I found half of a fossil. So we kept looking for more and was unsuccessful. On our way back down McKay picked me wildflowers. McKay always complains about how I don't like flowers. I don't know why he thinks that because I love flowers. The only two times he got me flowers was when we got engaged and when I hadn't seen him for 3 weeks. Flowers were the last thing on my mind. We stopped and took some panoramic shots. McKay was determined to transport the wild flower

s from the trail and replant them in our garden. To celebrate our victorious hike we went to the Purple Turtle and had shakes. What a waste of a hike and then right after I have a shake.

Oh, I feel so pretty!

My pretty bouquet of wild flowers

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Caitlin said...

Dearest Courtney,
your bouqet of wildflowers is beautiful. You need to help me some more cause I am confused. love ya!