Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Courage Mountain and The Secret Garden

Lately, I've been running into movies that I loved as a young girl. I remember whenever I'd go to my Grandma Kathy's house in Oregon I'd watch this movie called Courage Mountain. It's kind of corny but I loved it while growing up! It's funny because Charlie Sheen is in it and I thought he was so hot! It's a love and action in it, it's a good combination.

Another movie I'd watch was Hallmark version of The Secret Garden. It's funny because my brother in law's girlfriend use to love and watch this same movie as a girl. She found it at the DI and we watched it together this weekend. I could remember the character's lines and sounds of the movie. It brought back good times going over to the my grandma and grandpa Craig's home and watching it.

I recommend watching these two movies they are such wholesome movies!


mare said...

I watched the secret garden too. I was kinda scared of it cause I was little. But later I auditioned for the play as the little girl but didn't make it. My voice isn't so hot. lalala. But I'm so excited to see you at Amy's wedding. We're here all summer til school starts in Sep. How are your interns going?

Lindsay said...

Cute picture in your heading. Miss you!

Lindsay said...

Of course I am comin to breakfast. but travis cant so i will be there!