Monday, January 16, 2012

Keeper of Bees

McKay and I are pretty nerdy.  We really enjoy watching a mind melting, educational, and historical documentaries.  Friday night, we stayed home and watched this documentary about Vanishing Of The Bees and how bees are disappearing due to the use of pesticides and homogenized farming in the United States.  Afterwards, McKay and I decided that it would be really fun and interesting to have a beehive.  It would make our garden more beautiful because of pollination and I can use all of that honey to make baklava, kills two birds with one stone.  So we spent the rest of the night doing research about being a keeper of bees.  I'm excited because it will be a fun hobby to do together and one day be able to pass down this hobby onto our kids.      

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Sara said...

this is why you're my most favorite person in the world