Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting caught up.

Our holiday season in a nutshell. 

1. Ran the Farmington Turkey Leg 5K on Thanksgiving morning with the entire Craig family!  It was perfect weather and I finished 87th overall, 5th in my age group and at 27:27. 

2. Had Thanksgiving dinner w/the Killpacks.  Because the extended family is so large we had it at a church in Orem.  McKay's family made it very elegant looking for a basketball court.

3. Melanie and Andrew came up for Thanksgiving and I took an entire week off to spent it with my sista.  We had a lot of fun!

4. Endured the craziest wind storm I've ever experienced in my life.  We both survived and thankfully so did our house without any damage.  

5. Finished the biggest part of our kitchen remodel: the cabinets, back splash, counter tops, sink and faucet. 

We did the back splash ourselves.  It took us three days, a lot of tile spacers and patience.

I'll get another picture up once it's all decorated.

6. Got a new office at work!  I have a window that looks out to another window that looks out to a window outside! 


7. Got a dog for Christmas, named him Winston and we heart him.

Festive Winston

McKay practicing his clarinet for Christmas, Winston not far away.

The first night we got him, he slept all night long.


Sweet Winston taking a nap on me.

7. Returned four fake Christmas trees to Home Depot because McKay wasn't satisfied with their artificialness and the lights went out after using it for three weeks.  We had really bad luck with Christmas trees this year.

8. Had a great Christmas with both families. 

9. Celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary!  To celebrate it we drove up to McKay's parents cabin east of Park City.  Our car struggled getting up there because of the icy roads.  We had to park 2.5 miles down the road and walk the rest.  It a perfect winter day, it was sunny.  Once we got to the cabin, we turned on every space heater in there and started to watch a movie.  We got half way through the movie and it was already 4:00 p.m., we had to leave soon after that so we could get to our car before it got dark.  We went out to eat to this little Mexican restaurant in Farmington called Francisco's and it was really good.  I saw three people I went to high school with, that's what you get for living next to where you grew up.

McKay keeping Winston warm during our hike up to the cabin.

10. Had a 60's mocktail party with some of our friends for New Year's Eve.  We had good food, a lot of specialty drinks from World Market, Just Dance, and close friends.

 2011 Family Picture

 Even Winston gets a drink.

I don't remember what we were laughing at, but I love this picture.

 McKay and I playing Just Dance, we did pretty good.

11. McKay had 11 days off and I had three, boo!

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