Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Courtney, Science Fair Judge

Tuesday morning, I had the great opportunity to be a judge for the local elementary school science fair. My work got a call asking for volunteers to judge. I thought it would be fun do I decided to sign up. Being at the elementary school brought back memories of playing at recess, trading pods, and playing with my Tomagatchi virtual pet. 


There were a handful of good science projects I judged. One of them was a sixth grade girl who loves nail polish. We got a long really well. Her science project was about testing different brands of top coats and seeing which one lasts longer. She tested three types and for the variable she didn't use a top coat. To my surprise, what lasted the longest was not wearing a top coat at all!  What!?!?  I thought her science project could be useful in our world today, so I gave her a good score.  

After we judged the school fed us a cafeteria lunch. Lunch now is a lot different then it was when I was a kid. Who ever heard of wheat and you never saw anything green. I was impressed with lunch, it was tasty. 


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