Monday, February 2, 2009

A Suprise Gift from Mom

Last night McKay and I went up to my parents house to hang out and watch the Super Bowl on my parents new TV. It was a lot of fun. Right before we left to go back home to dingy air Provo, my Mom remembered that she bought me something when she went to California last week to help my older sister plan some wedding stuff. I open the sack and this is what I got some sassy Anne Taintor trinkets :

This funny refrigerator magnet

And this feisty compact mirror

I was laughing so hard. My Mom told me about his place in California called Old Orange Town, or something like that where she got these two gifts for me. She said that I would love it because antique and vintage shops line both of the streets of this town. I may say I can't wait to visit there someday.


The Rasmussens said...

That's awesome court! WHEN DID MELANIE GET ENGAGED?! That's awesome!! Tell her congrats!

The Wells said...

that's so great that your mom knew exactly what to get you--I love it! How's life treatin' you lately? How's the ole ward? Still on activity's committee? I wish we had you guys up here in our ward...hope all is well!