Monday, February 16, 2009

Almost V-Day Catastrophe

I don't want to complain, but as I have gotten older I have disliked this holiday more and more. Maybe I'm a woman and have certain high expectations, or maybe I'm a hopless romantic. I could be both. I thought this Valentines was gone to the pooper, but a glimpse of hope came my way.

On Friday night McKay and I have been planning for the past two weeks that we would go to this Institute dance at UVU. They had free dance lessons and a free dinner! McKay and I couldn't pass that up. Plus, the last time McKay showed any interest in dancing was when we were dating. So when he showed somewhat intersted in booty shaking it, I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance. I traded shifts with my nice co-worker so we could go. Well the night before the dance McKay tells me that he has a test he has to study for and take. I felt like all walls came tumbling down, I knew we wouldn't be able to go because his tests take over 3 hours.

So instead of moping about it all day, I took out my frustrating by re-arranging our living room! I've been taking an interior design class and it's opened my eye to design. McKay made me promise him that I wouldn't redecorate our apartment if I took this class, because he knows me better then I know myself. He told me I could only re-arrange stuff because were moving out in May. After 5 hours of moving furniture around, I got it all situated in a way I liked. Afterwards I felt like a tons of bricks were lifted off of my shoulders because our living room had a sense of Feng Shui. I've been really happy with it, it feels a lot more cozier and there's a lot more room to get around.

Valentines comes around and I'm dreading it because the night before was suppose to be our Valentines. I had to work a closing shift that didn't make my spirits anymore happier. Wondering what the heck we were going to do after I got off work. Before closing I call McKay to see and hope that he had plan something. He said that he was driving past the dollar theatre and saw that Twilight was there, he knew I've been wanting to see the movie when it got to the dollar theatre, so he bought two tickets and we saw Twilight. I was worried the entire time that McKay was going to hate every blood thirsty moment in the movie. To my surprise he told me that he really enjoyed the movie because he likes vampires. Normally, McKay would have said heckno to a movie like that. On the way home McKay wanted to philosophy about it and he kept on asking me questions about it. It was so fun to see us both enjoying a movie together. A lot of time we don't agree on what movie we should see. Because McKay was gutsy enough to see this with me, Valentines was again a fun and sweet holiday where you remember why you love someone.

I did like the movie even though I heard both bad and good reviews about it
I never knew McKay liked vampires, I guess you learn something new everyday about the person you are married too.


Jocelyn said...

I likes the movie alright. I think Rob did like it better than me.

Adria & Darren said...

Courtney, great job on rearranging your living room! I love love love rearranging! My sis and I would rearrange our bedroom at least once every six months when we were growing up--it's just so fun! About being crafty, I'd like to see pics of what you have crocheted!