Friday, January 30, 2009

I heart Kath & Kim

Thanks to my fabulous friend Liz, she knew what I needed to get me through these frigid months ahead of me. Kath & Kim. If you haven't seen this show, it's a must see. It's so random, weird, and it makes me feel like I actually have a life when I watch this show. The night I first encountered this show, Liz and I sat on her bed and watched all of the episodes and we even watched the Australian version of it. Which I thought was even more random and crazy. The plot of the show is its about a mother (Kath) and daughter (Kim) who love to shop all day everyday at the mall. Kim is married but is recently separated from her husband who still comes and hangs out with her everyday at Kath's house, which Kim lives there too. Anyway, check it out, it might change your life.


Megan and Tony said...

This show is so funny! I usually catch the last ten minutes or so before The Office but last night I watched the whole episode and almost died laughing!

jenna marie said...

it's amazing! glad to see a fellow fan