Monday, November 10, 2008

Plans For 2nd Anniversary!

This December on the 27th McKay and I will be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary. I'm really excited for this year because we actually get to go do something fun. Last year we ended up watching a movie and putting up our tent in our living room (lame!) But this year we saved up and were going to The Blue Boar Inn in Midway!

The Blue Boar Inn

We chose the Emily Dickinson room, how charming!


The Brenenstall Family said...

I cant wait to hear if you liked it there or not. I have always wanted to go there for a hot air balloon ride. Have fun!

The Kauwe's said...

i love that place!! Keala and i go there for dinner every year on our anniversary! we stayed at the homestead a couple nights on our honeymoon and that was the only place that was open on sunday! we've been going there ever since. the food is amazing,

megan said...

How fun!