Monday, November 10, 2008

McKay's Prepardness

Last night right before I went to bed, I grabbed a drink of water from the kitchen and I saw this.

McKay got his breakfast ready to go in the morning.

He even put sugar in the spoon so he wouldn't waste any time in the morning.

I walked into the bathroom and this is what I see

McKay had his soccer clothes all pretty and ready to go when he hops out of the shower

I turn around and see

All of McKay's morning essentials picked out

I walked into our bedroom and asked why did you get everything ready for tomorrow morning, even the sugar in the spoon. I laughed and said you're a cute dork. He got embarrassed, but knew I meant it in a loving way. The weird and silly things husbands do.


Taylor said...

hahaha oh my...this made my day! Your posts always make my day! Thats awesome...GO McKay!

The Slacks said...

lol this is hilarious! Even funnier because Dan does the same thing! What would we do without our funny (and very organized) husbands?

The Katester said...

This post is awesome, but also awesome cuz Taylor's whole comment rhymes. haha