Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I get so excited for Halloween. Especially with having an excuse to dress up crazy and be someone your not for a day. To start the day I worked at my internship. This is one of the reasons why I like interning where I do, they go all out. They have a big Halloween/best costume and pumpkin carving contests. Majority of the employees dressed up. I saw all sorts of good costumes. We paraded around the building to show the people who didn't participate. I felt like it was an episode straight from The Office. Later, we enjoyed cider, hot chocolate and donuts and cast our ballots for best costume and pumpkin.

The blue men from my internship

The Halloween party at my internship

I had to take a break from work and go to school. I thought there would be more people who would dressed up. My teacher didn't recognize me when calling role.

I was asked to pass out candy at the Pleasant Grove Trunk or Treat for businesses in PG. It was fun seeing all of the kids costumes. I saw a lot of Indiana Jones and Hannah Montana. After 3 hours and 4,000 pieces of candy later, I met McKay at his parents house for a Halloween feast. Later we thought we'd go to the BYU's civil engineers haunted house. It was free so there wasn't so I shouldn't have expected so much. It took us 2 minutes to go through it. McKay and I were exhausted from a long day and went home after. Not very exciting Halloween, but hey that's ok.

My pumpkins! I painted the white one and ModPodge the other


Christina and Ryan said...

Your black and white pumpkin turned out so great! And your internship sounds like fun. Our costume contest was LAME. I was the only person who was fully in costume. Everyone else wore jeans and did a little something.

Paul & Cortney Dickson said...

i love your pumpkins! so cute!