Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My new sweet baby - Baby McCourtney!

Thanks to my friend Shalyce, you go on this website called Make Me Babies where you can use pictures of your husband and you and it will show you what your children will look like. Here are the results:

Here is the boy version of us, it kind of looks like my lil bro Cameron

Here is baby Zalia, I guess I can't complain because they could look a lot uglier.


Taylor said...

You're babies will be cute! haha...Casen and I did this at that website too. But uh...our kids were butt ugly!!!! hahahaha
sad...i'm going to keep trying it with different pics of us, maybe it will get better? ha, love you! Have kids already :)

The Slacks said...

Yay! You have cute babies! haha this is hilarious.